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NFCR-Supported Researcher Leads Study Aiming to Understand Which Patients May Respond Best to Immunotherapy

New approach developed by Dr. Rakesh Jain and his research team identifies biomarkers that may indicate which patients will best respond to immune checkpoint blockade therapies. A research team led by NFCR-supported scientist Rakesh K. Jain, PhD, the Andrew Werk Cook Professor of Tumor Biology at Harvard Medical School and…...

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Leading the Development of New Cancer Technologies: Dr. Paul Abrams’ Story

Dr. Paul Abrams has dedicated a 30-plus career spanning academia, government, non-profit, investing and business to developing new cancer therapeutics. While in medical school at Yale, Paul experienced the first of many losses to cancer when his uncle and his father’s uncle passed away from lung cancer, both within one…...

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Breakthrough: Dr. César Milstein And The MAbs

They are called “mAbs,” short for monoclonal antibodies, and they are a big deal in oncology. One of the immune systems most elegant soldiers, mAbs are formed by B cells, a type of white blood cell produced in the spleen, in response to specific foreign invaders (real and perceived) known…...

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A Rapidly Emerging Field of Cancer Treatment

The human body normally runs like a well-oiled machine. It is able to activate muscles and run repairs without a conscious thought. One of the truly fascinating components of the human body is the immune system. The immune system is able to identify potentially harmful foreign matter and destroy it.…...

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National Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Given recent innovation in cancer research and public awareness, most cancers are declining in frequency. Unfortunately, thyroid cancer is not following this trend. Thyroid cancer has actually seen an increase in frequency of about 4% every year throughout the last 10 years. In addition, this increase is most significant in…...

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Research Identifies Potential Guidance for Gastric Cancer Treatment

Researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital (TMUCIH) have discovered that gastric cancer tissue samples bearing mutation of a specific gene, MUC16, too are associated with higher tumor mutation loads....

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