Pioneering New Ideas and Accelerating Breakthroughs to Save Lives

The National Foundation for Cancer Research funds “high-risk and high-impact” research with one absolute goal: Research for a Cure for all types of cancer. Cancer research requires a long-term commitment to make an impact. The newest treatments available today are often the fruits of research that started decades ago.

NFCR is dedicated to all aspects of cancer research along the entire continuum.

  • Basic research fuels all groundbreaking discoveries and increases our understanding of the fundamental nature of cancer.
  • Translational research applies lab discoveries toward new and better cancer therapies and technologies and tests for safety for the first time in patients.
  • Clinical research tests the effectiveness of therapies in patients to gain regulatory approval as a new life-saving treatment.

Your support is crucial in ensuring breakthroughs in the labs can reach the patients who need them most!


Basic Research

NFCR has helped spur countless lab breakthroughs, setting a foundation for new therapies for cancer patients.

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Translational Research

NFCR’s investment bridges the gap between basic and clinical research, applying potentially lifesaving discoveries.

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Clinical Research

Ensuring the safe and effective application of lab breakthroughs, NFCR supports cancer patient clinical trials.

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