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Researchers Uncover Causal Link Between HPV and Prostate Cancer

Presence of human papilloma viruses (HPVs) in prostate tumors suggests countries should encourage universal vaccination against HPV infections. A literature review published by James Lawson and Wendy Glenn from the University of New South Wales in Australia suggests human papilloma viruses (HPVs) may have a causal role in prostate cancer.…...

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Genetic Testing: Learning More About Your Cancer Risk

Genetic testing can be an important tool in helping patients learn about their inherited cancer risk, but the results are not always as clear as patients might expect. Just as traits such as hair color and eye color can be passed down from parents to their children, so too can…...

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5 Warning Signs Women Shouldn’t Ignore

September is National Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month and, luckily for women, these cancers are accompanied with some pretty major warning signs. Gynecologic cancer, which includes endometrial, cervical, ovarian, vaginal, and vulvar cancer, affects approximately 106,000 women each year. Though these types of cancers are common, they are incredible treatable when…...

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Virtual Fundraising 101

As COVID-19 continues to affect day-to-day lives, we realize and understand the changes occurring in athletic departments across the country. For your convenience, Play4TheCure has compiled a comprehensive list of virtual fundraising methods that your team can initiate while practicing social distancing and maintaining other public health rules....

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Treating Cancer During COVID-19: Nicole’s Story

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees, preventing many events from taking place and closing the doors of uncountable businesses. People across the world were advised to stay inside and only leave the house for necessities. At first it was strange, uncomfortable, and scary. As time moved…...

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