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Fly to Find a Cure

Do you love to travel?
Your next flight could help save a life.

Fly to Find a Cure is a signature fundraising program which allows those who are frequent flyers, travel enthusiasts, and most importantly, those passionate about supporting cancer research, make a real impact … with the added benefit of receiving airline miles in return.

Holiday Special Now Through December 31st!

Donate $100 or more to support life-saving cancer research during our Holiday Special, and you will receive up to 15 miles per dollar to your frequent flyer program. Your gift today helps make cures for ALL cancer types possible, with the added benefit of receiving airline miles as a thank you.

Select your preferred program below to give wings to cancer research today!

Holiday Special!

Now through December 31, 2021, a contribution of $100 or more to the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) allows you to receive up to 15 miles per dollar to your favorite airline with the benefit of supporting life-saving cancer research.

Fly to Find A Cure Airline Partners

Alaska Airline Logo

Alaska Airlines

Award Scale: Up to 10 miles per dollar for donations of $25 or more

United Mileage Plus

United Airlines

Award Scale: Up to 10 miles per dollar for donations of $25 or more

Read more about Fair Market Value and Mileage Cap per Airline here.

Benefits of Joining Fly to Find A Cure

  • Your gift supports cutting-edge cancer research. Learn about the cancer research breakthroughs we fund in our 2022 Progress Snapshot.
  • Donations are a great way to keep your frequent flyer account active. 
  • NFCR assists with allocating your miles to your account and/or accounts of family members and friends, at no cost. Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for the appropriate number of miles to appear in your account.
  • A portion of your donation may be tax-deductible. Please always consult your tax advisor. 

Protect your Miles – Give Monthly to Fly to Find A Cure

To ensure you can reach all your travel goals and maintain philanthropic support for cancer research for a cure, setting up automated gifts through Fly to Find a Cure could be just the ticket! Why?

  • It helps keep your airline miles active.
  • It’s convenient for you.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.
  • It guarantees support for future life-saving breakthroughs.

Read more here >>

Travel Year Round - Give Monthly - Fly to Find a Cure

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Want to Learn More About How You Can Give Wings To Cancer Research?

You can reach our team via phone at 1-800-321-CURE (2873) or email at

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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Do you want to give a meaningful gift to someone who has recently been impacted by cancer?  The ideas shared below have been carefully curated with the needs of cancer patients and survivors in mind. Plus, all Gifts for a Cure have double the generosity – proceeds also support critical cancer research projects that help save patients' lives. Donate to receive these purposeful gifts for yourself, your loved ones, or anyone to let them know you're thinking of them. Gifts for Cancer Patients in Treatment NFCR x Made by Dent Cancer Care Package: $75 Includes: A tote bag to carry your essentials to and from appointments and treatments A hot and cold beverage holder for your fuel of choice A pair of socks to help you keep warm, cozy, and comfortable for whatever your day holds This cancer care package also helps further the entrepreneurial endeavors of students in the Dent Education program in Baltimore, Maryland, who designed and created these products. EXXCL Oral Care Package: $100 Available exclusively on Those in treatment or recovery will significantly appreciate this product that is delicate on teeth and gums made sensitive from harsh cancer treatments. This package contains: Two 4 oz. tubes of EXXCL oral blue toothpaste (mint flavor) One 16 oz. bottle of EXXCL oral blue oral irrigant (mint flavor) Both products are formulated and produced in the USA with PAC5, an all-natural formulation that is non-toxic and non-oxidizing but is virtually 100% effective in killing pathogens on contact promoting fresh breath and oral health. "In spite of regular dental visits and a rigorous dental routine, I have had bleeding gums for most of the last 20 years. I began using EXXCL oral blue three years ago for extensive mouth ulcers, and to my amazement, they cleared up. Very quickly, with daily use of EXXCL oral blue, the bleeding stopped entirely and has not been a problem since." – June W. – Sebring, Florida Gifts for Cancer Patients in Recovery Bluelene SkinCare Products: (Various Gift Levels) Cancer treatments are harsh on patients' overall well-being, which extends to our skin. Not only does it expose our skin to harsh chemicals, but it also contributes to dry or overly sensitive skin. These skin care products from Bluelene are all crafted with Methylene Blue – a retinol alternative with scientifically proven skincare benefits. Methylene Blue Helps: Increase Skin Hydration Eliminate harmful effects of free radicals Reduce DNA damage by aiding in cell rejuvenation Create fundamental, long-term changes Explore all the Bluelene x NFCR skin care products available and create your personalized gift box! Face Mask: $10 Cancer Patients and Survivors are immunocompromised and more likely to get sick when they come in contact with the flu virus or COVID-19. Send them this compact face mask to keep them ready for when the need for protection arises. All colors are branded with your choice of the sentiment of support for cancer research. Gifts for Travelers Airline Miles Did you know you can send anyone frequent flier miles as long as you know their account number? Select one of the four supported airlines in NFCR’s Fly to Find a Cure Program, [...]

Commemorative Travel – Honoring Loved Ones Through Travel

There are many ways to honor a loved one after they pass. Some people keep a special item to remind them of their loved one. Some people get meaningful tattoos. And some people look for ways to bring them closer to their loved ones even after their passing. One of the more common ways this is done is through commemorative travel.  What is Commemorative Travel? Commemorative travel is a way to honor someone by visiting a location significant to that person. It can be visiting somewhere that person dreamt of traveling to, a place with a fond memory of that person, or a destination of great significance to their loved one. It invites an opportunity to feel deeply connected while processing grief.  How Does One Embark on a Commemorative Trip? In 2010, Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez starred in The Way, a film about a father taking a commemorative pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago in honor of his deceased son. The Camino de Santiago is a spiritual and physical journey in which travelers, or pilgrims, walk through Spain. Many paths lead to Santiago, with the most popular covering 500 miles. People take to the Camino de Santiago for many reasons, but in memory of a loved one is a common theme amongst pilgrims because of the opportunity for quiet reflection and meaningful connection.  The Impact of Commemorative Travel “I walked a Camino in 2016 for my daughter Lindsay who had breast cancer,” Shared Patti H. “She fought it for 12 years before we lost her. She was amazingly strong and smart. She and I bought glass hearts which I carried to [a sentimental place on the Camino de Santiago].” “I walked in memory of my sweet husband who died of brain cancer at just 58,” Katy B reflected. “He was the funniest, kindest, and best guy – loved by everyone, especially me. I passed out cards with a photo of a tree growing out of rock. It had the caption ‘You Can’t’ shouted the rock, ‘Just Watch Me’ whispered the tree. I wanted to encourage people to remember that even when things seem impossible, like moving forward in grief, we’re stronger than we think. Just like the tree.” “I walked part of the Camino in honor of my husband who passed away from pancreatic cancer,” Patrice A shared. “His name is on my Compostela [certificate of completion] under mine.” “I walked in memory of my mom who passed away from cancer,” Carolyn B said. “I arrived in Santiago one year to the day after I last talked to her and saw her smile. The Camino was for her, but I dedicated each day to family and friends who helped me through the incredibly painful year.”  Consider a Commemorative Trip Commemorative travel allows those grieving a unique opportunity to process their grief and commence their own healing journey. Whether this meaningful travel is across the ocean to the Camino de Santiago or a quiet beach just down the road, the opportunity to pause, reflect, and accept can undoubtedly be life-changing.  How Your Commemorative Trip Can Impact Cancer Research Fill your […]

Travel Year-Round and Support Cancer Patients with Fly to Find a Cure

If you love to travel and want to keep your commitment to cancer research for a cure, setting up automated gifts through Fly to Find a Cure could be just the ticket! What is Fly to Find a Cure? Fly to Find a Cure is a fundraising program that allows frequent flyers who are passionate about supporting cancer research to make a real impact and receive airline miles as a thank you. Why should I consider a monthly donation? It's a Win-Win! Your monthly gift of just $15 or more per month will help advance cancer research and keep your airline account active! You won't need to worry about using those precious miles before losing them! Environmentally friendly. Reduce waste and receive only our most important updates via two mailings a year.  Protect your miles. Some airlines will expire your hard-earned miles after no activity (18 months for American Airlines and 24 months for Alaska). Ensure sustainable funding to researchers. Provide a reliable source of funds to sustain research commitments. Save fundraising costs. Help NFCR direct more funds to research programs. More research = More lives saved. It's convenient for you. Donate throughout the year by setting up your gift only one time. You won't have to do a thing again! Access your recurring donations online. Use our donor-friendly portal to make changes at any time and see your contribution history.  A Variety of Payment Options. Don't want to use your credit card? No worries! Choose PayPal, Apple Pay, or Electronic Funds Transfer. How does it work? Select one of our available airline programs below and give as little as $15 a month. You will be automatically billed each month, and miles will be allocated to your account accordingly.  Thank you for giving wings to cancer research! Learn more at today. Alaska Airlines United Airlines Additional Reads You May Enjoy: 5 Ways Spending More Time Outside Benefits Our Health >> Turn Your NFCR Donation Into A Dream Vacation >> Lingering Effects of COVID-19 on Travel and 5 Tips on How to Plan Ahead >>