Inspired by Play4TheCure, Arts4TheCure is the official fine arts and performing arts fundraising platform of the National Foundation for Cancer Research. It’s not just about one color ribbon; we’re for ALL CANCERS, ALL COLORS, ALL ARTS.

Whether you enjoy dance, painting, music, or another creative art – your gift can help raise critical funds for cancer research projects that save patients’ lives.

Please reach out today or select an option below to use your passion for good!

“In the era of precision medicine, doctors want to use genetics to select the most effective drugs for each individual patient. It’s time to move beyond individual cancer types – different colored ribbons. By way of precision medicine, we will find cures for all types of cancer. By supporting NFCR’s scientists in their invaluable research endeavors, you are helping pave the way to do exactly that: cure cancer.

We have all been affected by cancer in some way or other or know those who have been. Make a decision to support them. Make a decision to help NFCR pave the way to finding a cure. Together, performing for ALL CANCERS, ALL COLORS and through ALL ARTS, we will make a difference.”

Robin Xiaoge Wang

Chair, Arts4TheCure

Robin Xiaoge Wang

Featured Artists

Young Cancer Survivor’s Art Supports Pediatric Cancer Research

Emery and Greyson Banovich

Young Artists Greyson and Emery Banovich have donated some of their artwork to help raise critical funds for NFCR-Supported pediatric cancer research and diagnostics. Greyson faced cancer at just three years old, and now at six years old has started to live a more normal life. The sibling duo is ready to help others who may face similar hardships.

Art by Emery & Greyson to Support Pediatric Cancer Research

Yunshu (Peter) Qiu

Peter is the co-founder and the current president of a student organization called Youth Art Bridge, which uses art to raise awareness for causes. When learning about NFCR and its work, he assembled a group of students and volunteers to create and auction off original pieces of artwork to support cancer research. If you would like to learn more about the Youth Art Bridge program or support their efforts, please visit their online fundraising page.

As an enthusiastic community organizer and fine artist, Chelsea melded her interests into a new initiative for her community of young artists and founded Teen Mobile Arts. “I know that through donating to an organization like NFCR, I will be helping to sustain the work to create a future cure for cancer. By doing so, I recognize that I would be supporting a truly revolutionary long-term cure for cancer that will be able to save lives and families all over the world.” Read more of her story and support her work.

Pete and Sherri Kimbell: Shining a Light on Cancer Research


Pete and Sherri Kimbell have a holiday tradition in Indian Trail, NC that lights up their community while raising money for NFCR. Their story begins in 2012, when Pete’s mother, Joan, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Learn more about the Kimbells.

Dodos Combo Jazz Band

The Dodos Combo Jazz Band performed a wonderful set during the cocktail hour prior to the Szent-Györgyi Prize for Progress in Cancer Research ceremony, then once again during dinner. If you would like to learn more or support their cause, you can watch their interview.