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Cancer-fighting Food

Cancer Fighting Foods: Carrots

Though there is not yet a 100% effective way to prevent all types of cancer, there have been amazing discoveries regarding ways in which certain foods can aid in prevention. Carrots have long been in the public eye as an excellent way to support eye health but are now gaining…...

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Cancer-Fighting Food Feature: Brussels Sprouts

Reach for the greens— good ole brussels sprouts can offer more to your health than you realize! Gather a group of people and ask their opinion on brussels sprouts – the room will almost certainly be divided 50/50. Some people love brussels sprouts and could eat them for every meal.…...

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Cancer-Fighting Food: Pumpkin

Since the first leaf turned a slight hue of red, people across the country began preparing for what may be the best season of all – autumn. Swimsuits and sandals have been slowly replaced with sweaters and scarves, and the only thing that takes the nip away from the cool…...

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Pink Smoothie for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to share with you this pink smoothie recipe packed with some of our favorite cancer-fighting foods. This pink smoothie is filling, nutritious, low in calories (about 315), and high in fiber. The berries supply valuable antioxidants, the orange juice is a great…...

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Can an Apple a Day Help Keep Cancer Away?

It’s a saying as old as time – an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Over the years, many have questioned the validity of this well-known statement. Can one piece of fruit be the key to keeping healthy and well? While the debate may never truly be settled, researchers…...

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