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Cancer-fighting Food

Potatoes vs. Sweet Potatoes: Root Vegetables for Cancer Prevention

The cold weather can only mean one thing – it’s stew season! No winter vegetable stew is complete without a solid variety of root vegetables – especially the classic yet versatile potato! Potatoes are a root vegetable, which means the part that grows underground is consumed by humans rather than the…...

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5 Grilling Ideas to Improve Your Cookout and a Healthy Summer Recipe

It is no secret that a healthy and balanced diet can greatly improve one’s health. Studies suggest that following a healthy diet could prevent 30-50% of all cancers. As the warmer weather slowly sneaks up, so do some bad summer eating habits. Summer grilling is a staple in the warmer months, but…...

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Cancer Fighting Foods: Carrots

Though there is not yet a 100% effective way to prevent all types of cancer, there have been amazing discoveries regarding ways in which certain foods can aid in prevention. Carrots have long been in the public eye as an excellent way to support eye health but are now gaining…...

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Cancer-Fighting Food Feature: Brussels Sprouts

Reach for the greens— good ole brussels sprouts can offer more to your health than you realize! Gather a group of people and ask their opinion on brussels sprouts – the room will almost certainly be divided 50/50. Some people love brussels sprouts and could eat them for every meal.…...

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