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Employment Rights for Cancer Patients, Survivors, and Caregivers

A cancer diagnosis will change a lot about someone’s life…but does it impact their career as well? In many cases, cancer patients require a lot of time off of work to attend appointments. Aside from simply receiving treatment, many patients are unable to continue working as normal because of the…...

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Vaccine Within Sight: COVID-19 Vaccine Entering Phase 3 Trials

Good news! Biotech company Moderna Inc. and government scientists at the National Institutes of Health report promising early results for coronavirus vaccine testing, currently in Phase 2 trials. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine announced successful immune responses in all people who received the vaccine in…...

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Horses Can Heal: 5 Reasons to Try Equine Therapy

July 15th marks Horse Appreciation Day – a day in which people across the country admire one of the earth’s most majestic creatures. Read more about how horses can help heal cancer patients and their caregivers. Horses have a longstanding working relationship with humans, from being an early form of…...

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