Anniversary Magazine – Celebrating 50 Years of Discoveries


As we celebrate the past, we are prepared for the future. NFCR’s first 50 years focused on research to learn about the disease of cancer. Over that time, we have made many significant breakthrough discoveries in the fight against cancer — and the researchers we have funded have saved lives as a result of these discoveries.

Your gifts are making a difference!

Read more about the progress you have helped make possible in the Special Anniversary Edition of our Annual Snapshot of Progress.

This Report Includes: 

  • Updates on our fight against GBM (glioblastoma) and
  • Highlights from our Global Summit and Award Ceremonies for Cancer Research & Entrepreneurship
  • A Reflection on 50 years of discoveries that have helped shape cancer research progress today.

Honoring NFCR History and Impact on Cancer Research

Throughout this 50th Anniversary Magazine, we recognize researchers who we have supported or honored for the significant discoveries they have made in cancer research.

The next 50 years will take those breakthroughs and expand on them as we work to make cures possible. The view ahead is bright and full of hope. Thank you. 

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