The National Foundation for Cancer Research is proud to be a benefiting partner organization for the 2023 No-Shave November Campaign! 

Drop your razors, forgo those wax appointments, and donate all the proceeds you typically spend on grooming to No-Shave November. Your generous contributions will go towards cancer research, education, prevention, advocacy, and treatment. 

Take the pledge and join NFCR’s No-Shave November team below!

#LetItGrow #TogetherForACure

NFCR No Shave November

Cancer is a terrible disease that afflicts our population in numerous ways, and fighting back requires an immense effort.

Educate yourself on cancer and help spread the word.

Explore our Cancer Information Resources to learn more.

Colorful Cancer Ribbons

Learn more about the various types of cancer to better understand your risk and the warning signs.

Mammogram Cancer Screening

Early detection is crucial to improving cancer outcomes. Know when to be screened with these guidelines.

Yoga and Meditation at sunset

Learn how a healthy diet and lifestyle changes can decrease your cancer risk, including cancer-fighting strategies such as exercise, stress reduction, and healthy foods.

Stories of Impact From Our Blog

Justin Birckbichler

“I couldn’t find any comprehensive resource on what to expect as a twenty-something-year-old cancer patient. Rather than bemoaning that, I decided that I could create a resource. As I started researching and thinking about my own reluctance to talk about my health, I realized the bigger impact would be talking about men’s health in general. Men almost criminally under discuss their health.” – Justin Birckbichler, A Ballsy Sense of Tumor

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prostate cancer survivor Tom Hulsey

“Besides being in shock, I was embarrassed and ashamed with my diagnosis…In retrospect, no one should take their cancer journey alone. I almost didn’t fight it. But I developed the right mindset and that changed everything.” – Tom Hulsey, Ironman and Cancer Survivor

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“I was 29, I thought I was going to die… I wouldn’t be here today without research.” – Sarah Byrd, Cancer Survivor

Watch: How NFCR Supporters Helped Sarah Byrd Survive Cancer