Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the National Foundation for Cancer Research.

Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to participate in community service efforts, give back to society and inspire others, as well as promote goodness or improve the quality of life for others.

Why Volunteer with NFCR:

  • You can make a difference!
  • Feeling of self-worth and respect
  • Go beyond fulfilling a requirement
  • Enhance your college admission profile (for high school students)
  • Make contacts for future employment
  • Volunteer-based scholarships (for those headed to college or graduate school)

Upcoming Opportunities:

Stay Tuned!

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Get in Touch

We are often in need of volunteers to help us further our mission and have opportunities to work on a variety of projects in areas such as marketing, fundraising, digital, direct mail, and events. If you are able to help us in any of these areas, or if you have something else in mind, please contact us at and include ‘VOLUNTEER’ in the subject line.

Special Thanks

Volunteers are crucial to our mission and a great way to give back to cancer research. We can sign off for community service hours or college credit hours if approved by your school. Thank you to our great volunteers!