NFCR’s Cancer Patient Treatment Assistance

A cancer diagnosis comes with panic, confusion, uncertainty and many questions: what tests should be scheduled, what are the best treatment options, and are there clinical trials for a new therapy that are suitable to the patient’s cancer.

NFCR understands the patient’s frustrations and needs, and we provide assistance through the difficult time by linking a person in need with the Cancer Patient Treatment Assistance, where one may receive expert professional help from our oncologists.

Doctor and Patient Discuss Treatment

NFCR Cancer Patient Treatment Assistance is here to help:

  • Understanding the diagnosis and treatment options
  • Recommend top oncologists to meet specific needs and coordinate the referral process
  • Identify clinical trials of the newest therapies for advanced cancer or rare tumors for which no standard care or effective therapy is available

This medical advice is provided as a resource for patients to consult with their medical team.

From Monday through Friday 9 am to 9 pm, Eastern time, please contact Dr. Hali Hartmann at NFCR by email ( or by phone (502) 690-6698 to be connected with the Cancer Patient Treatment Assistance. Or you may get started here by filling out the simple form.

How It Works:

  • Call or email Hali Hartmann or Click on the button ‘Get Started’* below and fill out the contact form* and click the Submit button.
  • An oncologist will contact you to answer your questions about your diagnosis and treatment, help you with the right questions to ask your doctors, or provide referrals for any needed specialists, and inform you about the clinical trial information that may fit your disease type.
  • After working with the oncologist, please email us your feedback at to let us know if the NFCR Cancer Patient Treatment Assistance helped you and how we may serve you better in the future.