Play4TheCure® is the sports fundraising program of the National Foundation for Cancer Research, helping to raise critical funds to prevent, treat and cure cancer, ALL cancers.

Play4TheCure inspires athletes to leverage their passion for sports to “Play4” loved ones affected by cancer. Throughout the season, participants establish Play4TheCure events that raise dollars to support cancer research. 100% of dollars raised through Play4TheCure supports NFCR-funded scientists.

Not only does Play4TheCure support NFCR’s mission to accelerate research, but it also provides a number of benefits to team sporting programs, including: 

  • Promoting teamwork to reach one common goal
  • Building good character and relationship skills
  • Teaching the importance of giving back
  • Providing a way for teams to support each other and their communities

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Over 10 years ago, two of my players’ moms came to practice wearing hats to cover their thinning hair from chemotherapy. And in that moment….my mind was made up that if I could ever do anything to show my support and appreciation for the mothers in our club fighting breast cancer, I would do it. 

–Tina Reinprecht, Nationally Recognized Field Hockey Coach &Play4TheCure Chair

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