NFCR’s unique approach is to fund high-risk, high-impact, long-term, and transformative research that addresses the critical unmet needs of cancer patients, and as such, we have always remained at the forefront of new cancer research ideas.

Our Board of Scientific Advisors reviews and analyzes the scientific field and latest trends in cancer research for the direction of NFCR’s commitment to advance our mission. Collaboration is a bedrock principle of NFCR, and we take a peer-nominated and peer-reviewed approach to “team science.” We invite proposals from exceptional scientists and their collaborators whose novel research ideas have the greatest potential for breakthroughs that can have the highest impact for cancer patients.

The word “cancer” represents a collective group of more than 200 different diseases; each with multiple pathological phases. Beyond the type of cancer and the stage at which it has reached, there are numerous variables among cancer patients. Variables include the factors that caused cancer, a patient’s immune system weaknesses, his/her lifestyle, and the molecular variations and make-up of the disease. The combination of variables, among others, all pose challenges for best detecting and treating cancer.

There is significant progress being made. More and more cancer patients are surviving longer after being diagnosed. We are even seeing cures for certain cancers. Such discoveries are the result of decades-long funding and research collaboration. However, we have a long way to go. Additional funding is required to develop therapies. Our goal at NFCR is to make life-threatening cancer a treatable disease in the future, and the only way to reach that goal is through continued research in laboratories.

There are several ways you can help. Here are some options to get you started:

Resources: Depending on what type of cancer your loved one has, you can provide information on the latest research NFCR is funding as well as direction for clinical trials where available. We recently launched the NFCR Oncology Metaverse, a community space to connect researchers, physicians, and the cancer population with oncologists who can help them understand what they are facing.

Share: Offer tips for diet and lifestyle while living with cancer. Find useful guidance on our Cancer-Fighting Lifestyle Channel as well as our Cancer Detection Guidelines page.

Support: Donate to NFCR in their honor to support cancer research on our tribute page. Or become a sustaining supporter through our Champion for a Cure monthly-giving program. Or show more support and solidarity by setting up a peer-to-peer fundraiser either on our GoFundMe page or our Facebook page and share with family and friends.

NFCR provides grants to cancer research scientists to conduct basic laboratory research and to obtain the lab equipment and materials necessary to carry out discoveries in cancer treatment, prevention, and diagnoses. NFCR also supports breakthroughs in translational research, which is the “translation” of early discoveries made in the lab into effective treatments through pre-clinical studies, and ultimately, propelling groundbreaking cancer therapies closer and faster to patients’ bedsides.
Please visit: for information about clinical trials in your area. Here, you can easily search for clinical trials by cancer type, location, or by other terms such as treatment type or drug name.
In 2021, NFCR’s overall percentage for program services was 78%, which includes Research and Prevention Education. This means that 78 cents of every dollar spent went to fund NFCR’s programs. Only 7% goes to organizational operations and 15% to associated fundraising costs.

Over the last five decades, with the help of over 5.3 million donors, NFCR has delivered over $390 million in funding to support cancer research and education, leading to several important, life-saving discoveries.

We have only obtained your name and address for direct mail fundraising. The information was provided to us by direct marketing companies that help non-profit charities identify people as someone who may have an interest in helping with the fight against cancer.
NFCR is well-recognized by the scientific community for the unique role it plays in accelerating cancer research and has been the incubator for many of the most important discoveries in cancer research over the past five decades. Our unique approach includes:
Seed Funding: Supporting innovative research with seed funding that is difficult to obtain from other sources.
Flexibility: Providing flexible funding enabling scientists to pursue promising and unanticipated discoveries during the course of their research. This flexibility allows scientists to seize new opportunities as they arise.
Long-Term Vision: Providing sustaining resources and a commitment to the long-term success of NFCR research programs.
Collaboration: Promoting and facilitating collaboration between researchers to accelerate life-saving research worldwide.
Global Reach: Establishing an international network of research centers and promote the sharing of ideas and information across institutions and disciplines.
Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives: Employing a multi-disciplinary strategy, bringing together scientists in different fields to advance cancer research.
We find it more economical to direct fairly large amounts of correspondence to our Washington, DC, post office box rather than having it delivered to our headquarters in Rockville, MD. By using contractual banking for mail handling and check deposit, which is conducted under strict security measures and surveillance by bonded operations, we are able to devote more funds to research than to additional administrative salaries. This is how we maintain cost-efficient operations.
NFCR’s mission focuses on funding patient-impactful cancer research, achieving breakthrough discoveries, and bringing powerful treatments and therapies to market. There are other organizations that can provide financial assistance to patients. Please visit the National Cancer Institute (NCI)’s website for more information about financial support:
Many organizations arose because of their different ideas about which approach to take in the fight against cancer: some choose education, some choose patient advocacy, and for NFCR, we choose research.

Since 1973, NFCR has distinguished itself in the cancer research community by funding high-risk, high-impact, long-term, and transformative research programs. We are one of the few charities willing to take risks and fund the most innovative ideas in cancer research before anybody shows any interest. These new ideas often open critical new fields in cancer research which have led to breakthrough therapies for cancer patients. We fund research for all cancers and we believe that advances in one field will contribute to discoveries and breakthroughs in another.

You may find the specific cancer type information you are looking for on our website under Cancer Info. There, you will find 20 different cancer types, each featuring key facts and statistics about that type of cancer, signs and symptoms, and the research and scientists that NFCR has supported for that cancer type. The page will also point you to some additional information from our press releases on the latest significant research advancements, and our blogs.

For information about other significant cancer themes and topics (e.g. metastasis, genomics, immunotherapy), you will find this section under Research Programs.

If you do not find the information you are looking for, feel free to call us so we can better address your question or send you information.

Please call us at (301) 654-1250 or 1-800-321-CURE (2873) or email and we will be happy to either remove your name from the list or reduce the amount of mail you receive. Please note that you may receive a couple additional pieces of mail before changes take effect due to an already scheduled mailing program. We do hope to share critical information about advancements being made in cancer research, as well as information about cancer prevention.
Yes, we are! NFCR believes in the importance of maintaining financial health, accountability, and transparency. NFCR continues to meet all 20 Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance standards. NFCR also maintains the Gold Seal of Transparency from Candid (formerly known as GuideStar), and has been granted a three-star rating by Charity Navigator.
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