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Cancer Awareness

Take Action for World Cancer Day

Each year, individuals around the globe band together for one day of pure and empowering support for those affected by cancer. That day, celebrated on the 4th of February, is known simply as World Cancer Day. World Cancer Day is a global uniting initiative dedicated to raising worldwide awareness, improving…...

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5 Ways You Can Show Support for Breast Cancer

With over 334,000 new cases of breast cancer in the United States each year, it seems as if everyone knows someone affected by this disease. Throughout October, internationally recognized as breast cancer awareness month, millions of people get involved with bringing awareness to this disease. Getting involved may seem overwhelming…...

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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

Prostate cancer is, after skin cancer, the most common cancer among men and the second biggest cancer killer for men in the United States. It’s typically an older man’s cancer with approximately 60 percent diagnoses in men over 65, with the average age being 66. As cancers go, prostate cancer…...

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UV Safety Month: What role does vitamin D play?

With abundant beach days comes constant reminders to frequently reapply sunscreen to protect against ultraviolet (UV) radiation. But as July is amongst the most dangerous month for UV exposure, it has been named UV Safety Month to promote safe and healthy sun protection habits. UV radiation is a type of…...

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