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Cancer Awareness

5 Simple Ways to Make a Difference on World Cancer Day

Each year, individuals around the globe come together for a day of dedication in the fight against cancer. This day is February 4th—World Cancer Day. World Cancer Day is a global initiative dedicated to fighting cancer on all fronts. Over the past 20+ years, this international day has demonstrated one…...

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NEW Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

Buried amongst the pandemic commotion was American Cancer Society’s newest cervical cancer screening guidelines. Cervical cancer affects women of all ages worldwide and is often dubbed ‘the silent killer’ as it presents with no symptoms in the early stages. Luckily there is an effective screening method to help reduce the…...

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Coping With Cancer—It’s Different for Everyone

Everyone’s journey with cancer is different, also unique to them is the way in which they cope with the disease. Taking two late celebrities, Alex Trebek and Chadwick Boseman as an example, we can see the differences in how individuals deal with a cancer diagnosis. Pancreatic cancer may only rank…...

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Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Wildfires and Cancer

It’s already November and the dystopian year of 2020 has hardly been mundane. The year began with Australia ablaze, sending the world into a panic about the wellbeing of Australians and their notorious animals. As the year continued, health and wellbeing remained a priority for people around the world. Now,…...

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Stomach Cancer Warning Signs: Understanding Your Risk

Stomach cancer is frequently diagnosed at an advanced stage because early symptoms are vague and often go overlooked. Learn what symptoms to watch for and steps you can take to help lower your risk. November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month. Stomach cancer — also known as gastric cancer — is…...

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The Forgotten Men of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, observed during October, presents many opportunities to acknowledge patients and survivors as well as opportunities to remind women to schedule their regular screening. The world lights up in pink, the color of the breast cancer ribbon, and shares messages of support to those affected. With 1…...

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Pediatric Cancer Facts and the Need for Improved Treatment

September is childhood (or pediatric) cancer awareness month. While all cancers are painful to both the patient, and their loved ones, perhaps no cancer has a more devastating impact on the patient, or his/her family unit, than pediatric cancer.   Cancer is the leading cause of death among children under the age…...

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Understanding Thyroid Cancer: A Serious, But Highly Treatable Disease

September is National Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. Learn more about risk factors, symptoms, and available treatments for a disease predicted to affect more than 50,000 Americans in 2020. September is National Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. And, while you might often overlook the tiny, butterfly-shaped gland, it is worth understanding the…...

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