Tess Francke, Author at NFCR

Tess Francke

Yoga for Insomnia, Anxiety and Socializing in Cancer Patients

A discipline consisting of movements through a sequence of postures in coordination with focused breathing, yoga’s documented benefits include increased flexibility, better strength, lowered blood pressure and the reduced severity of insomnia. Many people attribute recovery from depression and anxiety to the regular practice of yoga. Could its practice be…...

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Here from the Beginning

Anthony Pratt fondly recalls his days as a student at Brooklyn College, the namesake institution nestled inside the New York City borough that he has lived in all of his life. He was captivated by the multifaceted science courses comprising his studies—bacteriology, zoology, physiology, oceanography and biology, among them. One…...

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Faces & Voices of Cancer–In Depth: Tom Hulsey

In February 2015, Tom Hulsey was celebrating his birthday—looking forward to another year and remembering the ones which had passed. The celebration was cut short though when he was given the news from his doctor: He had prostate cancer. The first step in his battle with cancer, he says, was…...

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A Cherished, Golden Reunion

  The North Arlington High School class of 1966, of North Arlington, New Jersey, had their 50-year class reunion two years ago. Many of the attendees had not seen each other for decades, some even since graduating. Old friends rekindled their relationships, including Barry Pearlman and Stephen Kross, who, over…...

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