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Potatoes vs. Sweet Potatoes: Root Vegetables for Cancer Prevention

The cold weather can only mean one thing – it’s stew season! No winter vegetable stew is complete without a solid variety of root vegetables – especially the classic yet versatile potato! Potatoes are a root vegetable, which means the part that grows underground is consumed by humans rather than the…...

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5 Exotic Fruits That Fight Cancer & Where You Can Travel To Try Them

Research suggests approximately 30-40% of cancer diagnoses could be prevented by modest diet and lifestyle changes. The easiest way to make positive changes is to add more nutrient-packed plants to one’s diet!...

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Better Understanding of Enzyme Mutation Process Provides Hope for New Pathways to Treatment

Why do protein enzymes cluster together? Few people have bothered to ask this question. Still, a dedicated group of researchers recently embarked on a journey to find the answer. What they found could change many facets of health and healthcare.  The research team, including NFCR-funded senior author Dr. Paul Schimmel, undertook…...

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Digital Health Passports: The Future of Travel?

As the COVID-19 vaccine roll out sprawls across the globe, many countries are looking at ways to ensure the travel industry can safely pick back up. In a post-pandemic world, travelers should be prepared to use digital health passports to prove vaccination status to make it easier to enter certain countries or be exempt…...

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The World’s First Oncolytic Virus Drug was Launched to Treat Malignant Brain Tumor GBM

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most aggressive malignant brain tumor in adults, with a median survival of only about ten months. Unlike low-grade gliomas (grades I and II), which grow slowly, high-grade gliomas (grades III and IV) grow much faster and can spread to other parts of the brain, resulting…...

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