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5 Helpful Tips for Comforting Someone Who is Grieving

Finding the right thing to say or do when a loved one is grieving can feel impossible. Any single word or action cannot heal the feeling of loss. So, how does one even start to comfort a grieving loved one? While it seems like a daunting road, comforting someone who is grieving is less…...

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Sun Safety: Many Young Adults Don’t Know the Basics

Summertime means living carefree in the sunshine, but a recent survey shows many young adults take that lifestyle too literally.  A recent study from the American Academy of Dermatology found that a third of Americans failed a basic quiz on sun exposure — and young adults did the worst. Forty-two percent of…...

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NFCR Fellow’s Research Sheds Light on Mechanism for Blood Vessel Formation in Cancer

Almost all living things need oxygen to survive. In human cells, the key to staying healthy is the right balance of oxygen. NFCR fellow Xiang-Lei Yang a professor at Scripps Research Institute has spent much of her career exploring the processes by which tumors sprout new blood vessels when they…...

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