Travel Year-Round and Support Cancer Patients with Fly to Find a Cure


Travel Year-Round and Support Cancer Patients with Fly to Find a Cure

Travel Year Round - Give Monthly - Fly to Find a Cure

If you love to travel and want to keep your commitment to cancer research for a cure, setting up automated gifts through Fly to Find a Cure could be just the ticket!

What is Fly to Find a Cure?

Fly to Find a Cure is a fundraising program that allows frequent flyers who are passionate about supporting cancer research to make a real impact and receive airline miles as a thank you.

Why should I consider a monthly donation?

  • It’s a Win-Win! Your monthly gift of just $15 or more per month will help advance cancer research and keep your airline account active! You won’t need to worry about using those precious miles before losing them!
  • Environmentally friendly. Reduce waste and receive only our most important updates via two mailings a year. 
  • Protect your miles. Some airlines will expire your hard-earned miles after no activity (18 months for American Airlines and 24 months for Alaska).
  • Ensure sustainable funding to researchers. Provide a reliable source of funds to sustain research commitments.
  • Save fundraising costs. Help NFCR direct more funds to research programs. More research = More lives saved.
  • It’s convenient for you. Donate throughout the year by setting up your gift only one time. You won’t have to do a thing again!
  • Access your recurring donations online. Use our donor-friendly portal to make changes at any time and see your contribution history. 
  • A Variety of Payment Options. Don’t want to use your credit card? No worries! Choose PayPal, Apple Pay, or Electronic Funds Transfer.

How does it work?

Select one of our available airline programs below and give as little as $15 a month. You will be automatically billed each month, and miles will be allocated to your account accordingly. 

Thank you for giving wings to cancer research! Learn more at today.

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