10 NFCR Affiliated Scientists Named in the Top Researchers in Medicine


10 NFCR Affiliated Scientists Named in the Top Researchers in Medicine

Top Researchers in Medicine NFCR affiliated

The National Foundation for Cancer Research is proud to acknowledge the recent recognition of 10 of our affiliates honored in the top 1000 researchers in medicine. The publisher of these rankings is Research.com. 

Several Szent-Györgyi Prize winners, such as Steven Rosenberg, Carlo Croce, and Tak W. Mak, were listed. Also honored are numerous NFCR-supported scientists, including Rakesh K. Jain and Ron DePinho.

Additionally, several affiliates and supported scientists were named in other categories, including immunology, genetics and molecular biology, chemistry, and biology and biochemistry.

NFCR is proud to be committed to funding the scientists whose work shows significant promise in improving the lives of cancer patients. The recognition of the researchers below exemplifies NFCR’s commitment to our donors and the cancer community to accelerate cancer research for a cure throughout the years. Together we can make cancer history.

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Please view the complete list of recognized affiliates below and follow the links to learn more about their impactful work in cancer research.

NFCR affiliates among the Top Scientists in Medicine:

Steven A Rosenberg Portrait

Steven Rosenberg (#15) – Dr. Steve Rosenberg was selected as the 2019 Szent-Györgyi Prize for Progress in Cancer Research Award Winner for his work revolutionizing the field of cancer immunotherapy. He then served as the Prize Committee Chairman in 2020, which led to the selection of NFCR’s own Susan Band Horwitz. More >

Progress Arrow

Bert Vogelstein (#37) – A former NFCR-supported scientist, Dr. Bert Vogelstein is the primary investigator on the Salisbury Award Winning Project of Emily Han-Chung Hsiue, M.D., and Jacqueline Douglass in 2019. Details >

Carlo Croce

Carlo Croce (#77) – Dr. Carlo Croce was awarded the 3rd ever Szent-Györgyi Prize for Progress in Cancer in 2008. The committee recognized Croce for his work in cancer genetics and oncology, namely for identifying the role of translocations in cancer formation. Learn more >

Rakesh K. Jain

Rakesh K. Jain (#82) – Dr. Rakesh K. Jain is an NFCR-supported researcher who is an expert in understanding how changes in the tumor microenvironment influence cancer treatment. Some of his recently published work highlights the impact of exercise on immunotherapy for breast cancer patients. Learn more >

Michael B. Sporn

Michael B. Sporn (#565) – Dr. Michael Sporn is a recently supported scientist by NFCR and mainly works in cancer prevention. He is often seen as the pioneer of chemoprevention. Details >

Tak W. Mak

Tak W. Mak (#590) – Dr. Tak W. Mak is the 2021 Co-Winner of the Szent-Györgyi Prize for Progress in Cancer Research alongside Mark M. Davis. Together their work has laid the molecular foundation for life-saving CAR T-cell therapies. More >

James Allison

James Allison (#597) – Dr. James Allison was awarded the Szent-Györgyi Prize for Progress in Cancer Research in 2014, for his work leading to the first FDA-approved drug for metastatic melanoma. Allison was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in 2018 and is well known for his cancer immunotherapy breakthroughs. More >

Ron DePinho

Ron De Pinho (#707) – Dr. Ron De Pinho is the winner of the 2009 Szent-Györgyi Prize for Progress in Cancer Research and a current NFCR-supported researcher. He was recognized in 2009 for discovering the connection between aging and genetic disorders. His expertise now explores the development of target therapies. Details >

Progress Arrows

Zena Werb (#911) and Waun Ki Hong (#982) also made the top 1000, though sadly, these affiliated researchers have passed away. Dr. Zena Werb was a valued member of the Szent-Györgyi Prize Selection Committee. Dr. Waun Ki Hong was an NFCR-supported scientist for 15 years, researching the value of different drugs for cancer prevention.

Researchers among the Top 1000 Scientists in Immunology include:

  • Steven Rosenberg (#3) – 2019 Szent-Györgyi Prize Winner
  • Mark M. Davis (#84) – 2021 Szent-Györgyi Prize Winner
  • John T. Schiller (#352) – 2018 Szent-Györgyi Prize Winner
  • Suzanne L. Topalian (#514) – Featured speaker at NFCR’s Annual Conference on our Immunotherapy Panel.

Those recognized in Genetics and Molecular Biology:

  • Bert Vogelstein (#3) – (See Above)
  • Frederick Alt (#11) – 2015 Szent-Györgyi Prize Winner
  • Carlo Croce (#16) – 2008 Szent-Györgyi Prize Winner
  • Tak W. Mak (#73) – 2021 Szent-Györgyi Prize Winner
  • Ron DePinho (#99) – 2009 Szent-Györgyi Prize Winner
  • Raju Kucherlapati (#354) – Moderator on NFCR’s 2021 Annual Conference Precision Medicine in Cancer Panel and Salisbury Award Competition Judging Panel Chairman
  • Peter K. Vogt (#590) – 2010 Szent-Györgyi Prize Winner

Among the Top Chemistry Scientists are:

Finally, those highlighted for their accomplishments in Biology and Biochemistry:

  • Bruce N. Ames (#46) – former NFCR-supported scientist
  • Zena Werb (#52) – (See Above)
  • Helmut Sies (#97) – former NFCR-supported scientist
  • Tak W Mak (#354) – 2021 Szent-Györgyi Prize Winner
  • Web Cavenee (#380) – 2007 Szent-Györgyi Prize Winner, NFCR Scientific Advisory Chairman, former NFCR-supported scientist

See all of the Top Scientists ranked by Research.com here.

According to Research.com’s website, they are the number one research portal for scientists. The mission of Research.com is to inspire future researchers and aid current scientists in progressing their work.

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