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Cancer Control Month – How You Can Make a Difference

Every year in the month of April, the country honors the fearless spirit of millions of Americans who are currently battling cancer and cancer survivors. Throughout April, recognized as Cancer Control Month, organizations from coast to coast honor those affected by cancer by committing to strategies aimed at reducing the…...

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From Certified Nursing Assistant to Patient: Life on the Other Side of the Bed

Hearing the word ‘cancer’ often sends chills down the spine and sends goosebumps up the neck. It is one of the most intimidating diseases, especially as it can affect nearly any part of the body. Though for some, cancer is a normal part of daily life. Jenny Dziuba, who works…...

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Youth Ambassador Raised $5,025 for Cancer Research Through Indian Classical Singing Concert

Through NFCR’s Arts4TheCure and Youth Ambassador programs, California student Sahaana Padayathil, used her passion for Indian classical singing to contribute to cancer research, a cause close to her heart....

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Multiple Myeloma: A Rare But Very Real Cancer

On May 23, 2018, my mother, Susan Williams, was admitted to UNC Rex Hospital in our home town of Raleigh, North Carolina, after being told that some “abnormalities” had shown up in her blood test. Several months earlier, my mom experienced excruciating pain around her rib cage and back that…...

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Cancer Research: Is it Worth Your Dime?

Find someone diagnosed with cancer, and they will have likely been treated with radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or by having the tumor surgically removed. Treatment is hardly enjoyable, but it is usually quite effective. With so many success stories from survivors, it may be tempting to ask why continuing to fund…...

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Supporting the Women’s Venture Competition

The National Foundation for Cancer Research is honored to be an official partner for a highly unique investment event designed specifically to highlight, energize and fund promising cancer treatment technology companies led by female scientist-entrepreneurs. The AIM-HI Accelerator Fund’s Women’s Venture Competition, which will be held on May 20 at…...

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