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Knit for a Cure – Using One’s Passion for Good

Supporter Profile: Lorraine J. – Nurse by day, artist by night. 

As a nurse, Lorraine has come to know many people affected by cancer. She saw the challenges for the individual while also observing how research significantly improved treatment options. Her own compassion led Lorraine to partner with the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) to use her artistic craft to support cancer research efforts. 

“I have met cancer survivors and those still being treated,” Lorraine explained. “We who have never experienced the disease keep them in our prayers and encourage the acceptance of treatment.”

Channeling Her Passion for Knitting

Lorraine can sit for hours knitting beautiful crafts for people near and far in her downtime. She started practicing stitches at age seven. By her eighth birthday, she knitted slippers and scarves that she then gifted to her loved ones. Even today, Lorraine uses her craft to make the world brighter.

“When I was in college, shopkeepers in downtown Boston would contract me to make gift items, especially slippers for their special friends,” she began. “Now, working as a nurse in a government facility, I gift craft items. It makes patients and coworkers happier and their stay more pleasant.”

Lorraine had many experts help her perfect her craft – from manufacturing and fashion industry professionals to her creative parents.

“Mom is good at sewing and crochet, and dad is gifted in drawing, sketching, portrait painting, and crafts,” Lorraine said. “As a child, he would make innovative toys that could be enjoyed by the entire family.”

Partnering with NFCR

Living in the Boston area, Lorraine has heard about the work done by NFCR. Many of her friends, who often received Lorraine’s beautiful knitted gifts, convinced her to partner with NFCR as part of their Arts4TheCure fundraising initiative. 

How You Can Help

Today, Lorraine has an Etsy page to share her creations while raising funds to support cancer research via NFCR. Thankfully, Lorraine stays busy producing her knitted goods and often updates selections. If you are interested or know someone who would appreciate a handmade gift, please consider supporting Lorraine’s gift shop today. This shop is a new way for those interested in helping advance cancer research for a cure to get involved and accelerate treatments.

You can help support cancer patients and NFCR in its lifesaving mission to bring an end to cancer! To learn more about Arts4TheCure, Play4TheCure, the Youth Ambassador Program, or our other fundraising initiatives, please contact

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