NFCR at 2018 ASCO


NFCR @ ASCO 2018

At least eight National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) scientists will be on hand for the 54th annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), most prominently, Alice Shaw, M.D., Ph.D. They will join over 30,000 physicians, researchers, administrators and other professionals for the largest yearly gathering of cancer specialists in the world. The important affair runs from today through Tuesday, June 5th in Chicago, which has long played its host.

A lung cancer expert affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Shaw’s role at ASCO 2018 will be as pronounced as nearly any other scientist at the event. She will be the presenting speaker at a clinical science symposium on the opening day, discussing highly anticipated Phase Ib clinical trial results of a non-small cell lung cancer combination therapy anchored by Merck’s experimental PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitor, Avelumab. Dr. Shaw, an NFCR fellow, will also be featured as a co-author to a dozen other research projects presented over the course of the five days, many of which in the significant role of “last author.”

Other NFCR scientists with co-authored papers being showcased at ASCO 2018 include the following:

We join the global cancer science community, and our colleagues in the vast oncology funding, patient, caregiver and advocacy fields, in calling attention to the groundbreaking, insightful and promising work being profiled by ASCO in the coming few days. Such efforts further continue to be about the NFCR motto and call to action: Research for a Cure!

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