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Survivor’s Guilt: The Ongoing Battle

Cancer drugs effective at prolonging life and its quality, cures for some forms of the disease that had previously been bearers of certain death and preventive vaccines that all but eliminate risks of other forms—these have been the fruits of decades of ever-advancing cancer research. Survivorship has increased, and for…...

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New Year’s Resolutions from a Cancer Survivor

Earlier this week, people worldwide celebrated the end of 2018. Many individuals took time to reflect on their accomplishments and made goals for the following year. It is a timeless tradition—using the new year as a starting point to begin working towards dreams. Everyone seems to have different aims for…...

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A Day Honoring Survivors!

National Cancer Survivors Day is observed each year on the first Sunday in June. So today, people far and near will be coming together to celebrate life, inspire and support those battling cancer, provide guidance for the families and caregivers of cancer-patients, show gratitude to medical professionals and demonstrate to…...

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Movement and Its Many Benefits—Especially For Cancer Survivors

Feel-good movement integrates the mind, body and spirit. It stimulates our awareness, tames our thoughts, frees our bodies and enlivens our spirits. In doing so, it allows us to have a more unified conscious experience that is oriented around self-directed pleasing sensation.   Stress, Trauma, Cancer and Awareness Stress is…...

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Struggles of Survivorship: Part 2 – Psycho-Social Implications

The mental status of cancer survivors can be fragile and destabilized. Psycho-social complications often arise, such as fear of recurrent illness, financial hardship, anxiety, difficulty handling the end of treatment, fatigue, lasting “brain fog”, broken relationships and even post-traumatic stress disorder. In order to navigate this myriad of challenging issues…...

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Struggles of Survivorship: Part 1 – Pain

It is estimated that by the year 2030, deaths due to cancer will drop dramatically and life expectancy after diagnosis will have significantly increased. Whereas this is encouraging news and proof positive that the practice of oncology and the drugs used to treat cancer have become progressively more effective, there…...

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