Celebrating Hope, Community, and Progress in Cancer Research


Daffodils & Diamonds Luncheon: Celebrating Hope, Community, and Progress in Cancer Research

When motivated individuals come together, what can be accomplished is profound.

This driving force has kept the Daffodils & Diamonds Luncheon, Auction, and Fashion Show pressing forward for the last 41 years. Since its inception, the committee behind the annual event has made a resounding impact with the support it has been able to provide in the work to find a cure for cancer.

A Significant Impact Led by Women in our Community

Now, an annual occasion, the Daffodils & Diamonds Luncheon brings together a community of passionate supporters, honoring all they have lost to the disease. With a phenomenal turnout of more than 250 attendees this year, the event exemplifies the unwavering commitment to making a difference in the fight against cancer.

As we honor Women’s History Month, it’s fitting to recognize the pivotal role women have played in advancing cancer research, further underscoring the significance of this gathering, which is primarily made up of successful women. The Daffodils & Diamond Luncheon has raised over $1.5 million since partnering with the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR). This year’s event continued that tradition of success, raising over $100,000 for lifesaving cancer research.

Considered by many to be the highlight of the luncheon was the powerful speech delivered by NFCR-Supported Researcher, Dr. Azra Raza, whose words resonated deeply with the audience. As the beneficiary of this event, NFCR was able to coordinate an appearance from Dr. Raza to help demonstrate not only the impact on research the event has but also the caliber of research NFCR continues to support with the help of our donors. Dr. Raza’s passionate advocacy for cancer research, insights into the latest advancements, and deeply personal stories inspired attendees to reaffirm their commitment to our mission of making cures possible for ALL types of cancer. Her message underscores the urgency of continued support for research initiatives to improve prevention and treatment strategies.

Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to participate in a successful silent auction featuring an array of items generously donated by local businesses and supporters. The auction raised vital funds and created a sense of shared purpose among attendees, further galvanizing the community’s dedication to the fight against cancer.

Get Involved to Raise Awareness and Funds for Cancer Research

As we reflect on the significance of the Daffodils & Diamonds Luncheon, we honor the resilience of cancer survivors, researchers, and advocates who tirelessly champion the cause. Together, we stand united in our commitment to making cures possible. The success of this year’s Daffodils & Diamonds Luncheon is a testament to the power of collective action in driving progress in cancer research.

Everyone can help make cures possible by supporting NFCR’s mission to beat cancer through high-risk and high-reward research. As we look to the future, let us continue to draw inspiration from the courage and determination of those affected by cancer, fueling our resolve to make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions worldwide.

If you are interested in hosting a community event to benefit NFCR’s Lifesaving Cancer Research Programs, email us at community@nfcr.org to get started! Together, we can make cures possible!

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