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New Book Written by 17-Year GBM Survivor Aims to Help Other Cancer Patients

Incredibly, 2021 marks the 17th anniversary of Carmen Rice’s survival from Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) brain tumor. Originally given six months to live, Carmen beat the odds to become the longest living survivor of the deadliest form of brain cancer. Nothing short of miraculous, Carmen’s recovery inspired her to write about her experiences with battling cancer and the road to remission.

The book titled, They Call Me “The Miracle, is a collaboration between talented writer Randy Harris and cancer survivor Carmen Rice, focused on bringing hope to those who are battling illness or doubt in their own lives.

Carmen’s Story

Carmen Rice began experiencing headaches and dizziness in 2004, resulting in a grand mal seizure while having lunch at a local restaurant. After consultations and an MRI, she received the news: it was caused by a brain tumor. Just days later, Carmen went into surgery to remove the cancer.

After removal and testing, the tumor was proven to be GBM. Faced with a six-month life expectancy, Carmen took chemotherapy and radiation head-on. She went into remission until 2008 when a regrowth in the initial site was detected during a routine checkup. In December of that same year, Carmen underwent brain surgery again.

It has now been 17 years since Carmen was first diagnosed. She continues to live an active and healthy life and speak to members of the cancer community to inspire those who are facing similar battles in their lives. Carmen has been a passionate NFCR supporter throughout this time and shares in our confidence that we will find a cure for GBM. WATCH here>>

Inspiring Others

They Call Me “The Miracle” is the next step in this journey for Carmen. Her story has inspired all who have met her over the last 17 years, and she will continue to do so through this book. The miracle of Carmen’s survival is what NFCR supported scientists are working to secure for every cancer patient. We hope that the story of faith, challenging the odds, and survival in They Call Me “The Miracle” reminds all patients and supporters there is hope for a better future.


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