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Wellness Travel Trending and Other Pandemic Impacts

Air travel seems to be slowly returning to normal with flights scheduled across the globe. However, there is no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has shaken up what we can expect from travel. Aside from mandatory masks on flights, how has your travel experience changed since your last trip? Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends:

     1. Workcations on the Rise

Many people found out they could successfully work remotely during the pandemic, a model that has sparked more workcations. “If you have to log in your eight hours, why not do it from the beach?” The travel industry has pivoted its offerings to mirror the hybrid professional lives, with resorts offering work wellness packages to allow people to get some work done while taking fitness and other classes in a luxury environment.

     2. Travel Agents Are Booming

These days, it’s not just about finding a hotel or flights in a suitable price range. It seems like almost every destination has different rules and regulations regarding vaccine or testing requirements. There’s a lot more research required before booking a trip. As such, many find that working with a travel agent is the easiest route. A recent study reported that 33% of travelers are now more likely to book a trip using a travel agent because of the pandemic.

     3. Wellness Travel

After a particularly challenging two years, mental and physical wellbeing are assuredly top of mind. Wellness travel allows travelers to intentionally manage or improve mental and physical health, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness. Wellness travel can include high-adrenaline adventures to bolster self-confidence like a ropes course or rock climbing, or it can offer essential oils and aromatherapy to improve sleep. The options are limitless, allowing travelers to hone in on precisely what they want to remedy.

     4. Flight Costs to Skyrocket 

Unfortunately, the fantastic fare prices offered from 2020 to 2021, plus the rise in fuel costs, will likely cause prices to skyrocket in 2022. However, many tour companies and destinations may still offer great deals to kickstart local tourism as the travel industry recovers.

     5. More Canceled Flights

Unfortunately, 2022 will likely bring an increase in canceled flights. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released economic data on Oct. 22, 2021, indicating that, in addition to staffing and rehiring challenges, the slow rebound of the global aviation industry could mean the U.S. will finish 2021 with 3 million fewer airline industry employees than it had in 2019. Those vacancies and cuts may include fewer pilots, flight attendants, ground crew workers, catering services positions, and other job vacancies and losses where employees previously supported the domestic air travel system.

Travel That’s a Win-Win

Want to make a positive impact on cancer research while traveling?

Fly to Find a Cure is a signature fundraising program that allows frequent flyers, travel enthusiasts, and most importantly, those passionate about supporting cancer research to make a real impact while receiving airline miles as a thank you. This program provides the opportunity to keep your existing miles active while waiting to travel safely. Visit nfcr.org/miles to see our supported frequent flyer programs and make a gift today.

Though it is exciting that travel is starting to resume, it is crucial to consider that traveling can still be a risk to one’s health. Cancer patients should discuss their plans with their doctor before booking a trip. You can also visit our COVID-19 Resource Center for more tips and considerations.

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