DMV Artist Raider Originals supports Arts4TheCure and the National Foundation for Cancer Research - NFCR


DMV Artist Raider Originals supports Arts4TheCure and the National Foundation for Cancer Research

“Art is not about what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas.

Art has always played a considerable role in the life of Jonas Benjamin Raider. Growing up in the quaint town of Rockaway Beach, New York, Manhattan and all of its creative geniuses were only a short drive away. Jonas often escaped to the big city, absorbing inspiration however he could. 

Though the Big Apple is undeniably a hub of creative inspiration, Jonas never overlooked the inspiration that came from his own backyard. Though it didn’t bustle, it offered a contrasting lens in which to explore and create. He watched as those around him found passion in painting, drawing, or creating something beautiful from nothing but a ball of yarn.

He developed an appreciation for ‘those things in life that looked cool and felt right from his environment, acquaintances, and of course, the music, films, fashion, and pop icons of the 1970s. 

Jonas began his serious pursuit of the painted image soon after graduating college, where he continued to progress his style and cultivate his technique.

He has evolved into a prolific painter of modern abstract expressionism, which he applies via multiple mediums on wood and canvas. He works in varied scales, with dynamic use of color, texture, and flow. The content of his pieces demands interpretation but emanate from personal emotion with direct meaning.

Over the last decade, Jonas’ art has been viewed at private studios in New York City, Washington D.C., and Art Basel in Miami, Florida, with countless pieces being acquired by those drawn to his vision’s aesthetic and powerful allure. He launched Raider Originals – a central platform for art enthusiasts worldwide to view and purchase his signature artwork in a variety of forms. 

Recently, Jonas was inspired to evoke emotion by using his art in a new way. He connected with the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) via Arts4TheCure, seeking an opportunity to impact the lives of people diagnosed with cancer significantly. 

Arts4TheCure is the official fine arts and performing arts fundraising platform of NFCR, creating an avenue for artists to create art directly benefiting cancer research. NFCR prioritizes researchers committed to precision medicine and finding a cure for all types of cancers.

“Raider Originals is very proud to partner with NFCR to help raise money for cancer research,” Jonas stated. “We were so inspired by the opportunity that we decided to create a special apparel line just for NFCR.”

Jonas is donating a percentage of each sale to NFCR, with a line of apparel designed exclusively for Arts4TheCure. These items are available via Raider Original homepage

If you’re interested in supporting NFCR in its lifesaving mission and want to learn more about Arts4TheCurePlay4TheCure, the Youth Ambassador Program, or fundraising, please get in touch with

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