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Build a Fundraising Team for Your Event

Build a Fundraising Team for Your Event

Our supporters’ creativity amazes us every day. Through many of our programs we offer the opportunity to create a community of supporters by promoting your own online fundraising page. Getting started is easy!


Play4TheCure is a fundraising platform for the National Foundation for Cancer Research which provides funding worldwide to the best scientists to enable cutting edge research that other large cancer organizations can’t and won’t fund. Play4TheCure inspires young athletes and their teams to leverage their passion for sports to “Play4” loved ones affected by cancer and encourages them to actively participate in working to fund cancer research to make a difference.

Inspired by Play4TheCure, Arts4TheCure is the official fine arts and performing arts fundraising platform of the National Foundation for Cancer Research, It’s not just about one color ribbon, we’re for ALL CANCERS, ALL COLORS, ALL ARTS.


Rose Fund

The National Foundation for Cancer Research can establish a Rose Fund in the name of the person you would like to honor or remember. As well as honoring their life, it will also contribute to further advances in cancer research.

A Rose Fund can be established with any amount you would like to start a fund with. It also provides the flexibility to give whenever you would like there are no minimums or monthly requirements to donate to a fund.

Anybody can donate or raise money for the Rose Fund now and as far into the future as they wish. We make sure that all donors who choose to be kept informed know how much has been raised for the fund.

The National Foundation for Cancer Research allows people to establish a birthday celebration fund to allow participants to ask friends and family to donate to cancer research on their special instead of buying gifts.

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Celebration Fund