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Youth Ambassador Program

Youth Ambassador Program

The NFCR Youth Ambassador program is an opportunity for top high school students to serve as leaders in raising awareness and support for cutting-edge cancer research. Ambassadors can combine their passion for sports, science, and/or the arts with community service to bring new energy to cancer research fundraising.

NFCR Youth Ambassadors learn critical leadership skills, such as how to recruit, raise awareness, and fundraise. Plus, they learn how a national nonprofit organization functions.

With increased competition in the college application process, NFCR offers ambitious and good-natured students the chance to boost their application efforts. NFCR provides a letter of recommendation to the colleges of choice for our Ambassadors. So far, our Youth Ambassadors have applied to Brown University, the University of Cal-Berkeley, Cornell University, Emory University, the University of Maryland, the University of Michigan, Northwestern University, the University of Notre Dame and the University of Virginia.

How do You Get Started?

Call us at (301) 654-1250 or email to let us know you’re interested in becoming a Youth Ambassador. A member of the NFCR team will help get you started and brainstorm creative fundraising and recruitment ideas!

Benefits for Youth Ambassadors

  • Learn to be a community service leader
  • Strengthen critical thinking, leadership, persuasion and problem-solving skills
  • Professional, real-world work relationships
  • Receive a letter of recommendation from NFCR for resumes and college applications
  • Celebrate your successes at a year-end event hosted by NFCR. Join NFCR’s esteemed annual event – the Albert Szent-Györgyi Prize for Progress in Cancer Research reception and dinner- with members of your family

Youth Ambassador Expectations

  • Create a personal fundraising project and set a financial goal of $5,000 or more to support cancer research
  • Develop a report highlighting accomplishments and lessons learned at the end of the project
  • For projects that extend beyond one year, Ambassadors should develop a brief progress report at the end of each year
  • Bring a positive, professional attitude and commitment to amplifying the mission of NFCR