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Resources and Support for Family Caregivers

Taking on the role of a caregiver for a loved one seems like an easy choice. Most people would say that they would do it at the drop of a hat. Those who are caregivers for their loved ones, however, can attest that it is something that is far easier…...

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Employment Rights for Cancer Patients, Survivors, and Caregivers

A cancer diagnosis will change a lot about someone’s life…but does it impact their career as well? In many cases, cancer patients require a lot of time off of work to attend appointments. Aside from simply receiving treatment, many patients are unable to continue working as normal because of the…...

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Avoid Caregiver Burnout – Take Time for You

Taking on the role of a caregiver for a loved one seems like an easy choice. Most caregivers are willing to drop everything to make a loved one’s situation as bearable and uncomplicated as possible. From the outside, caregivers are seen helping with chores, providing company in cold waiting rooms,…...

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Faces & Voices of Cancer—In Depth: Amaey Shah

In 2005, Purvi Shah’s son, Amaey, was diagnosed with leukemia at just three years old. From that point on, life was no longer as Purvi and her family knew it. During the first year of treatment Amaey was in and out of the hospital—more in than out. Many hours were…...

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National Family Caregivers Month

Nearly every month is dedicated to shining awareness on particular diseases. It is an incredible way to educate those unfamiliar with an illness, as well as to assist those affected in finding support systems. These awareness months also extend beyond medical conditions, including special categories of people. Altogether, these designations…...

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Encouragement for Cancer Caregivers

When a diagnosis of cancer is delivered to a patient, the effect is obviously traumatic. This trauma is not self-limiting. The people who love and care for those with cancer have their lives irrevocably impacted, as well. Individuals find themselves in a role they hadn’t anticipated playing: that of caregiver…...

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