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Show Your Love to a Cancer Patient This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Cancer is a greedy disease. It somehow steals all of the time and excitement from the days. Couples that are battling a cancer diagnosis often get swept up in the treatment, appointments, and new daily rituals that accompany the disease. While other lovers are preparing for the most romantic night of the year, cancer patients often feel like there’s nothing worth celebrating on Valentine’s Day. Though it may seem like an easy holiday to let slide under the radar, celebrating love can be one of the most comforting and reassuring moments during cancer treatment. For those craving a subtle way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, look no further.

  1. Nix cancer talk | Cancer likely takes over the majority of time for couples. Whether it is talking about it or treating it, it always seems to be looming overheard. Make a deal that for this one night, cancer topics are off of the table. It may be hard to remember what conversations looked like before cancer, but awkward dinner topics and nervous laughter will be a happily welcome exchange.
  1. Unplug for the night | Life is busy on a good day. When cancer gets involved, life can get rather hectic. Make Valentine’s Day special by eliminating distractions and being present with the one you love. Turn off phones, tablets, and computers and relish in a great company sitting across the table.
  1. Decorate | Whether celebrating from the comfort of one’s own home or from a brightly-lit hospital room, creating ambiance can truly transform a space. Having fresh flowers, scented candles, or even a bright red table cloth can change the mood from ‘just another night’ to a special celebration.
  1. Be intimate | Human touch is one of the most powerful and most comforting things in the world. Intimacy doesn’t need to be a big, romantic gesture. It can be as simple as hugging your loved one, holding their hand, or giving a kiss. Sometimes the fast-paced way in which we live doesn’t leave much time for much needed intimacy.
  1. Take it easy | The commercial world may have highjacked Valentine’s Day to be the night to pull out all the stops and lavish loved ones with gifts, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Having a quiet night in with one’s partner is sometimes the perfect way to enjoy the holiday while soaking up some rest and relaxation.
  1. Try something new | Even a quiet night in can be exciting when people are willing to step out of their comfort zone. Try cooking new foods, playing an unfamiliar game, or getting into some unexplored area of arts and crafts.
  1. Make plans | If it feels like cancer has taken over life, talk and dream about future plans after the cancer experience is over. Talk about what exciting things the future holds and remind each other that life won’t always be as tiring.
  1. Walk down memory lane | Planning for the future can be exciting, but reliving memories can be a fun way to spend the evening as well. Pull out old scrapbooks and revisit vacations and holidays with the ones you love.
  1. Focus on relaxation | Spoil one another with not just a moment to relax, but a whole evening. An at-home spa experience, massages, or even a guilt-free early bedtime can help couples reconnect and refresh.
  1. Give the gift of love | Though the word ‘cancer’ may be banned on Cupid’s special night, the disease is likely at the forefront of each couple’s mind. Show support by making a donation to cancer research in a loved one’s name to remind them that you’re fighting together.