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The Benefits of Online Fundraising

As the internet increasingly becomes a part of our daily lives, fundraising efforts must keep up with the trend. Statistics show that 54% of donors worldwide prefer to give online, and this number is growing every year. By using platforms such as GoFundMe Charity, fundraising will be even more accessible.

Why It’s Useful

Online fundraising is incredibly useful for the following reasons:

      • It saves your team both time and money;
      • It improves donor relations; and
      • It expands your reach of who can donate

Getting your players out into the community to raise money for a good cause is important for building character and team unity. Online fundraising is simply an additional way to increase donations!

Tips and Tricks

Online fundraising can be one of the most comfortable and most productive ways to receive donations, but it takes more than just creating a web-page to receive the best outcomes. Often it’ll take you actively spreading the word. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the best results when using an online fundraising tool:

      • Use GoFundMe CharityGoFundMe Charity is the online fundraising tool Play4TheCure uses, and we encourage participating teams to do so as well.
      • Develop your story– On the fundraising website, share your team’s story and where you’re donating the money. Donors, whether it be your grandma or a member of your community, want to see your passion and to know more about who they are supporting.
      • Set a goal– While Play4TheCure has our own annual goal, it’s essential to set a goal for your team. Having a goal to work towards creates momentum for both your players and those who support you. We encourage teams to set a goal of $1,000, an amount that gives scientists the ability to carry out a comprehensive genome-wide analysis on all genes in one tumor sample, for developing targeted and personalized cancer therapies.
      • Find cool perks– A fun way to involve your online donors is by reading out the names of the top 5-10 GoFundMe Charity donors at a game or treating them to free food at the concessions. These incentives will involve them in a physical sense, not just digital. Make sure to advertise these perks on your fundraising page!
      • Use social media– Don’t be afraid to use your team’s or your social media accounts to ask for donations. Post about it on your Instagram story or share the link on your Facebook page. You can even ask your school or your community to post about your fundraising page on their social media accounts, too.

Donate or create your online fundraiser TODAY at Play4TheCure’s GoFundMe Charity.