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GBM Awareness Day – Make Cures Possible with NFCR

Today is GBM Awareness Day.

GBM is one of the deadly cancers that has seen very few significant updates over the last 20 years. The lack of breakthroughs is not because researchers aren’t trying – they are – but because there is a bottleneck at the clinical trial stage to approve better treatments.

This bottleneck is one of the critical reasons NFCR, led by President & CEO Dr. Sujuan Ba, is committed to bringing new treatment options to patients through the GBM AGILE initiative.

GBM AGILE is a paradigm-shifting clinical trial system. Our hope is that this can become the foundation for defeating other rare and complex cancers.

GBM is the deadliest type of brain cancer, accounting for 45% of all malignant brain tumors and the five-year average survival rate is only 5% or less. Learn More about Brain Cancers.

Brain Graphic

Dr. Ba is one of the few individuals who has been a part of GBM AGILE from the beginning, fighting for progress for cancer patients.

“It is imperative that patients know we will not give up on them.”

NFCR Makes Cures Possible, and we intend to do the same for patients facing the deadliest brain cancer, GBM.


Hope After a Glioblastoma Diagnosis

Carmen Rice was given 6 months to live; 3 good, 3 bad. Over a decade later, she is still thriving and advocating for better options for other glioblastoma patients. Watch this video to better understand what glioblastoma patients are up against. 

Carmen Rice

Caregiver Tips

Tom and his wife Bernadette were happily living their daily life when they noticed Bernadette’s occasional fumbling for certain words or movements. Tom became his wife’s caregiver and wants to share his tips and experience to help others in similar situations.

Tom & Bernadette


Learn more about the paradigm-shifting clinical trial system that efficiently tests new treatments, advancing effective ones faster and rejecting ineffective ones quickly.

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