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National Foundation For Cancer Research Announces Launch of New Branding

NFCR We Make Cures Possible Logo

Rockville, MD. – Today, the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) has launched a new brand identity through the release of a new logo and tagline. This year, NFCR celebrates our 50th Year Anniversary. In those 50 years, NFCR has been focused on funding high-risk – high reward research to find cures to all cancers. During this time, the organization has evolved but one thing has consistently remained the same – NFCR’s motivation to fund impact-driven research, improve patient lives, educate the public about cancer, and ultimately find cures to all cancers.

With evolution comes change and today, NFCR is excited to launch our new brand identity. The new logo represents a modernized design from the previous logo. However, the new logo maintains NFCR’s spark graphic, although in a new form, to represent NFCR’s commitment to being an organization that initiates sparks of innovation and scientific discovery in our quest to fund researchers who produce breakthrough results to advance science and find cures to cancer. In addition to the new logo design, NFCR is introducing a new tagline – We Make Cures Possible. At the end of the day, NFCR stands for cures to cancer. Through our unique approach – a collaborative research process – NFCR funds scientists who are unrestricted in their work, where they have the freedom to discover in their quest for breakthrough treatments and therapies, with one goal in mind – to improve patient care, find cures, and save lives. 

“NFCR represents an organization (and brand) that is in a unique position to make cures to cancers possible. The new tagline is more than just words, it’s what defines the culture of NFCR and all who work with the organization to live and support the mission everyday. Patients, cancer survivors, and those who have been lost to cancer are who motivate us as an organization and all the work we do (and research we fund) to make cures possible. We’re all part of the cure – in different ways.  Our new branding positions NFCR to take our community of supporters and build a movement of those interested in being part of the cure with NFCR.” Says NFCR Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Larsen.

About NFCR

The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides scientists in the lab the funding they need to make game-changing discoveries in cancer treatments, detection, prevention and ultimately, a cure. NFCR has distinguished itself in the cancer research sector by emphasizing long-term, transformative research often overlooked by other major funding sources. With the help of more than 5.3 million individual donors over the last 50 years, NFCR has provided $410 million in funding to cancer research, prevention, and public education leading to some of the important, life-saving discoveries that benefit patients today.

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