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Combating Metastases

Research Highlight: Preventing Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis

National Foundation for Cancer Research funded researcher Dr. Daniel A Haber recently unearthed an exciting discovery that may add years to the lives of late-stage breast cancer patients. Dr. Haber is fascinated by understanding drug resistance on a deeper level by studying individual tumor cells in patients’ blood. In December…...

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The Hallmarks of Metastasis

It is the one word you do not want to hear in a cancer diagnosis: metastasis. It represents the figurative death-knell; once a cancer has spread to other parts of the body, survival rates plummet and what treatments do exist switch from curative to palliative. The dividing line metastatic cancer…...

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Liquid Biopsy Advances: Capturing Metastatic Cancer Cells

A novel instrument for detecting cancer cells in the blood could lead to individualized cancer treatments for patients suffering metastasis. Developed by a Massachusetts General Hospital team led by Daniel Haber, M.D., Ph.D., a renowned cancer scientists supported by the National Foundation for Cancer Research since 2003, the business card-sized…...

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Protein Identified in Breast Cancer Metastasis

Researchers from the University of Liverpool have found an explanation for how breast cancer spreads to the lungs, which could potentially hold the key to preventing the progression of the disease. Led by Dr. Ainhoa Mielgo, the research team conducted a study to gain a better understanding of how breast…...

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Early Days, But New Compound May Prevent Metastasis

Oncologist Dr. Raymond Bergan and his team recently developed a drug compound that, in mouse models, seems to stave off metastasis—cancer spreading....

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Master Switch Metastasis Agent Identified

In a major breakthrough, scientists led by Elena Deryugina at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) identified a specific protein, Latent TGFβ Binding Protein 3—LTBP3 for short—that kicks off a cellular chain reaction resulting in early-development tumors growing new blood vessels. These vessels then act like highways to spread cancer cells…...

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