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Cancer Therapy

A Rapidly Emerging Field of Cancer Treatment

The human body normally runs like a well-oiled machine. It is able to activate muscles and run repairs without a conscious thought. One of the truly fascinating components of the human body is the immune system. The immune system is able to identify potentially harmful foreign matter and destroy it.…...

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New Therapies Aim to Lessen Side Effects in Children

Ask any parent about their child fighting cancer and words like “nightmare” and “helpless” will almost certainly be part of the conversation. Within pediatric cancer medicine, the entire field faces the brutal reality that chemotherapy, surgery and most other cancer treatments are not designed for children. This can be somewhat…...

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Safeway Foundation Grant Awarded to the National Foundation for Cancer Research

NFCR is one of 13 local and regional organizations to be the recipient of a grant by Safeway Foundation supporting cancer research and treatment efforts. The $35,000 award will be directed toward the expansion of the Cancer Patient Navigation Hotline....

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Potential Breakthrough in Cancer-Fighting Nanomedicine

The term nanomedicine, alluding to technologies with mechanisms and surface area characteristics sized in terms of billionths of a meter, has held promise for years, but breakthroughs specific to therapies have been limited. After five years of intense collaborative work by distinguished scientists from Arizona State University (ASU) and China’s…...

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Immunotherapy: Where We’re Headed

It is the “new territory” of oncology: Getting the immune system to successfully fight a standing cancer. No other biological system within our bodies is more suited, adept or evolved to such a purpose. Indeed, our immune system is remarkably successful in spotting and destroying the tiny genetic mutations from…...

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