The below focus areas highlight the areas in which NFCR sees the greatest potential for developing cures for cancer in our lifetime. Select an area below to learn more about our impact, and the researchers working in the field.

Immunology & Immunotherapy Research

Uses the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

Early Detection & Intervention

Early Detection of Cancer

One of the best ways to reduce the number of patients dying from cancer.

Combating Metastases

Any cancer that has spread to other parts of the body.

GBM Agile

A revolutionary global collaboration to test and develop new brain cancer treatments.

Circulating Tumor Cells

Live cancer cells detach from solid tumors, circulate in the bloodstream.


The study of DNA and gene expression differences between cells.

Targeted Cancer Therapies

Use of drugs to more precisely identify and attack cancer cells, based on a person’s genes.

Innovative Therapies

Promising innovations to treat and prevent cancer.


A vital process in growth and development but also plays a role in disease.

Overcoming Drug Resistance

Cancer cells can resist the effects of treatment. Research is underway.

Precision Medicine

A new era in the treatment of cancer known as precision medicine is here.

Molecular Imaging

Provides pictures of what is happening inside our bodies.

Therapeutic Antibody Engineering

Blood proteins that chemically combine with substances in the body.

Computational Drug Design

The process of finding and testing new treatments based on biological targets.

Explore Cancer Types

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Learn more about the key facts of specific cancer types.

Cancer is a disease that can be cured…. ”

NFCR Co-Founder and Nobel Laureate, Albert Szent-Györgyi