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Innovative Therapies

Innovative Therapies

What are Innovative Therapies?

The cancer research field is filled with promising innovators looking for new and exciting ways to treat and prevent cancer, as well as improve conditions for patients during and after treatment.

Medical innovation is about experimentation and challenging the status quo. Sometimes that involves simply thinking outside the box and sometimes it means bucking conventional wisdom outright. Researchers are looking at innovative therapies that can improve the health, wellness and, ultimately, the chance of survival for patients.

Support Breakthroughs in Innovative Therapies Cancer Research and Beyond.

Researchers Working On Innovative Therapies

Yung-Chi Cheng, Ph.D.
Yale University
Curt Civin, M.D.
University of Maryland
Paul Schimmel, Ph.D.
Scripps Research
Xiang-Lei Yang, Ph.D.
Scripps Research
Paul Fisher, M.Ph., Ph.D.
Virginia Commonwealth University
Helmut Sies, M.D.
Amos B. Smith III, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania

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