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Cancer Diagnosis and Molecular Imaging

Cancer Diagnosis and Molecular Imaging

What is Cancer Diagnosis and Molecular Imaging?

Cancer diagnosis research aims to develop improved technologies and techniques for detecting and characterizing cancer, determining its stage, selecting appropriate treatments, and monitoring patient outcomes. Major areas of focus include discovering and validating diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive biomarkers; improving imaging and molecular profiling to define tumor characteristics; and advancing integrated diagnosis systems to enable precision oncology.

Accurate diagnosis across all cancer phases, from risk assessment through early detection, localized disease, and late-stage progression, provides vital information guiding timely intervention and optimal care for better outcomes. Ongoing diagnosis monitoring also gives critical insight into treatment efficacy and disease recurrence. 

Accurate and early cancer diagnosis is essential for improving patient outcomes through timely intervention. Molecular imaging techniques provide unprecedented insights into tumor biology at cellular and molecular levels to guide personalized cancer management.

NFCR-Supported Researchers Working on Cancer Diagnosis and Molecular Imaging

Himisha Beltran, M.D.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard Medical School

Srinivas Vaswanathan, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Ritesh R. Kotecha, M.D.

Ritesh R. Kotecha, M.D.
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Cornell Medicine

Christian Rolfo, M.D., Ph.D.

Christian Rolfo, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Director Clinical Research, Center for Thoracic Oncology
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Ling Huang, Ph.D.

Ling Huang, Ph.D.
Pancreatic Cancer Center,
Henry Ford Cancer Institute
Henry Ford Health System

Aditya Bardia, M.D.

Aditya Bardia, M.D.
Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School

James P. Basilion, Ph.D.
Case Western Reserve University

Daniel A. Haber, M.D., Ph.D.
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Azra Raza, M.D.
Columbia University

Paul Schimmel, Ph.D.
Scripps Research

Xiang-Lei Yang, Ph.D. Scripps Research

Xiang-Lei Yang, Ph.D. 
Scripps Research

Robert Bast

Robert C. Bast, Jr., M.D.
MD Anderson Cancer Center


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