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Other Ways to Give Back: Donate Your Car!

Donate Your Car

‘Tis the season for generosity as the holiday season reminds many families just how fortunate they are. As generosity and good tidings fill the crisp winter air, National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) reminds people across the country of an easy yet impactful way to support an important cause: vehicle donation. 

For nearly four decades, NFCR has been committed to discovery-oriented scientific research – Research for Cure – cures for all types of cancer. Now NFCR is accepting vehicle donations.

At the start of the millennium, charitable car donations were quite common across the country. It was a fantastic way to support worthwhile causes while receiving a hefty tax deduction. Though this fundraising modality has since fizzled out, NFCR is reigniting the auto donation drive and making it more simple than ever to support their mission.

Donating a car (or a truck, motorcycle, trailer, boat, jet ski, and so on) to NFCR is a hassle-free way to support extraordinary research efforts. Whether the vehicle is working or not, call 877-500-NFCR to have the vehicle towed at no cost to the donor!

When the vehicle is picked up, the donor will be given an initial donation receipt. Donors may claim a tax deduction for the fair market value of the vehicle up to $500 even if your vehicle sells for less. If your vehicle sells for over $500, the donor will be provided documentation allowing them to claim the full sale price.

This simple process removes all of the hassle associated with purchasing a new car – or disposing of a car that no longer runs. No matter where in the country one may be located, NFCR will answer questions and provide a free tow service.

Once donated, NFCR will consult with a very large network of nationwide and independent suppliers to maximize donation proceeds. The team analyzes vendor pricing and performance on a regular basis to improve the process, to ensure the best possible return, and to maximize the donor’s tax benefit. For unique or specialty items that have been donated, NFCR may use other means to sell the vehicle to help ensure the maximum funds are received for each donation.

The proceeds from these donations will directly impact game-changing cancer research projects. NFCR is a non-profit organization that provides researchers in the lab the funding they need to make innovative discoveries in cancer treatments, detection, prevention, and ultimately, a cure. NFCR has distinguished itself in the cancer research sector by emphasizing long-term, transformative research often overlooked by other major funding sources. With the help of more than 5.3 million individual donors over the last 47 years, NFCR has delivered more than $390 million in funding to public education and cancer research leading to several important, life-saving discoveries.

NFCR believes that the best path to ending cancer is to invest heavily in high-risk/high-reward research that will yield long-term impacts in patient outcomes. Other organizations have done an outstanding job bringing awareness to the public – now is the time to act and move forward towards a cure!

Learn more about this simple, hassle-free donation platform by calling 877-500-NFCR or visiting the NFCR website.

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