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Gifts That Support Charity – Help Cancer Research Thrive

Holiday Shopping

More Than Just a Bang for Your Buck

December is a busy time. On top of planning holiday feasts, shopping for gifts, and trying to help those in need as much as possible, the month is over in a blink of the eye. As dedicated as people may be to contributing to cancer research, it is usually the last thing on their mind during December. It happens each year, but it doesn’t mean that people care less in December than they do any other month of the year. It just so happens that life gets extraordinarily busy.

Because this reoccurring theme is no secret, many organizations have found clever ways for consumers to benefit cancer research without any additional effort. Several online shopping platforms, including Amazon, have agreed to send a portion of their profits to the National Foundation for Cancer Research. There are no gimmicks, no add-ons, and no hidden costs. Raising money for cancer research is as easy as doing holiday shopping from the couch. Here’s where to get in on the action:

Good Deed Seats

Would concert tickets be the perfect gift? Or is she more of a sports enthusiast? Whatever the entertainment, nabbing tickets from Good Deed Seats will send $5 straight to the National Foundation for Cancer Research. Simply visit the website and enter the promo code DONATECANCER at checkout. 


There’s hardly a better way to brighten up the winter blues than with some fresh flowers. At Teleflora, they take cancer research seriously. Every time an order is placed, they’ll automatically send 20% of the purchase to the National Foundation for Cancer Research.

Good Cause Greetings & Artline Greetings

There’s something romantic about snail mail. For those classic souls who love sending an annual Christmas card, consider finding the perfect card at Good Cause Greetings or Artline Greetings. Stocked with greeting cards for every occasion, each of these companies are giving back to the National Foundation for Cancer Research with eligible purchases.  

Get Upside

This one is just for lucky shoppers on the East Coast or in Texas. Do the holidays mean lots of travelling? Luckily there is a way to cut down on fuel costs! Download the Get Upside app to get huge savings on gas – and as an added bonus, each download earns the National Foundation for Cancer Research $2.50 in donations!

Good Shop

Who doesn’t love a good deal? With Good Shop, holiday shoppers can enjoy the best deals available with a donation made to the National Foundation for Cancer Research from every purchase made. Good deals and a good cause – it doesn’t get better than that.

Charity Choice

Every shopping list has at least one big question mark. What does one buy for the guy who has it all? Charity Choice makes it easy for shoppers by offering gift cards that recipients can use to donate to a charity of their choice. One more tick mark for the shopping list!

If you’re passionate about cancer research and want to give the gift that keeps giving, you can also make a straight monetary donation to the National Foundation for Cancer Research. Your gift will support cutting-edge cancer research by some of the world’s best cancer researchers and scientists. Your holiday gift today, can save lives tomorrow. Make your donation here.