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Monthly Supporters Accelerate Research for a Cure

Anthony Pratt—affectionately known as Tony to those close to him—remains as excited about cancer research today as he was in 1975 when he and his wife, Marjorie, made their first gift to NFCR.

They have been monthly supporters of NFCR for decades; their more than 400 gifts have kept the momentum moving forward in NFCR laboratories and benefited countless patients.

Unfortunately, like many people, the Pratts know cancer all too well. Tony’s mother and grandmother had breast cancer, and he and his brother have been diagnosed with melanoma and other skin cancer. Marjorie’s sister had passed from metastatic kidney cancer.

The NFCR Difference: Research is Key

As a retired high school science teacher in Brooklyn, Tony’s passion for research inspires NFCR staff. We enjoy his regular calls as he eagerly shares a newspaper article or a new book on cancer research. When asked about their loyal support for nearly 50 years, Tony emphatically states, “NFCR investigates all aspects of different types of cancer—genetics, new treatments, immunology. They take a broad approach to research.”

He continues, “NFCR is making a lot of progress in cancer research. It is very significant work.”

“Scientists are appreciative of our monthly gifts because long-term support allows them to explore and develop the most promising treatments.”

– Tony Pratt

How to Make an Impact against Cancer

Tony and Marjorie Pratt are Champions for a Cure. Their monthly support provides a reliable source of funds to sustain our research commitments. More research equals more lives saved. Consider becoming a Champion for a Cure, with monthly contributions to advance our pioneering research from the lab to bedside—and accelerate Research for a Cure.

With your support of only $10/month you can:

> Reduce fundraising costs. As a sustainer, you will receive only our most important updates via twice-yearly mailings, which will direct more funds to research programs. More research = More lives saved.

> It’s convenient. Donate throughout the year by setting up your gift only one time. You won’t have to do a thing!

> Ensure sustainable funding to researchers. Provide a reliable source of funds to sustain research commitments.

> Access your recurring gifts online. Use our donor-friendly portal to make changes at any time and see your contribution history.

> A Variety of Payment Options. Don’t want to use your credit card? No worries! Choose PayPal, Apple Pay or Electronic Funds Transfer.

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