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Hope Stewart’s Cancer Survivor Story: Cancer Research WORKS

Hope Stewart

Hope is often associated with a cancer journey.

Cancer Survivor and NFCR Community Outreach Ambassador Hope Stewart epitomizes what the word ‘Hope’ means. Her story is one to which many can relate. Her resolve to beat cancer and advocate for those who share her story is one we hope will inspire all who read this.

After a routine mammogram found an abnormal growth in her left breast, Hope was diagnosed with HER2+ Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in June of 2022. By the time they caught it, she was already Stage 2B, and the cancer had spread to about a dozen lymph nodes.

The diagnosis was shocking because she had no symptoms and no family history of breast cancer. She was overwhelmed and terrified, but one of her friends reminded her that amazing breakthroughs are being made in cancer research every day. The fact that there were people out there dedicating their lives to saving hers gave her the courage she needed to start her “journey” and face every scan, surgery, radiation treatment, and chemo appointment, knowing she would be okay. She would survive.

She also learned she was lucky because HER2+ cancer is highly responsive to chemotherapy, but this wasn’t always the case. It used to be associated with higher mortality rates and higher rates of recurrence. Still, thanks to medical research, there are now targeted treatments for this cancer and many others.

“The National Foundation for Cancer Research makes cures possible, and today, I can officially call myself a survivor. NFCR gives hope to all those who receive a cancer diagnosis. Through research, a cure is possible. It’s the only way we will find a cure. It won’t just happen. Research holds the keys to how we will beat this disease. The discoveries by NFCR researchers are saving lives every day, but cancer is stubborn, so we can’t rest on the work of the past. Working as a team, we will find cures (to all cancers) sooner so that my story becomes more common – a survivor story.”

– Hope Stewart

Thank you, Hope, for sharing you story and inspiring others to have faith and support the advancement of cancer research!

About NFCR’s Community Ambassador Program

NFCR is on a mission to defeat cancer as we know it. If you are also passionate about finding cures for all types of cancers, let us know! We are looking for individuals who want to use their voice, story, and platform to encourage others to raise funds and awareness for cancer research.

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