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Lingering Effects of COVID-19 on Travel and 5 Tips on How to Plan Ahead

It has been nearly two years since the first case of COVID-19, and the world is still dramatically affected. Many Americans are rejoicing over the fact that travel is back and (hopefully) here to stay. However, traveling in the post-COVID world looks significantly different from the days of pre-pandemic travel. Luckily it is still possible to be well-prepared and travel with ease – so long as families adjust and react to the new way of traveling.

Always Get Flexible Options – On Everything!

Gone are the days of booking a non-refundable hotel room simply because you know and love the business. COVID has proven that plans are never concrete, and itineraries can change at the drop of a hat. Where possible, be sure to purchase flexible (or free cancelation) accommodations and tickets to save the headache of an unexpected virus outbreak that could put you and your family at risk.

Don’t Base Expectations on the Pre-COVID World

For those who have already boarded a plane recently, you know what we are talking about. Budgeting thirty minutes to zip through security is a thing of the past – you must plan for longer than average waits. With travel demand surging as vaccination rates increase, both airlines and the TSA are struggling to staff up appropriately. This, in turn, is causing longer wait times for travelers. Low-staff numbers and high demand have also impacted hotel check-ins and restaurants. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time when traveling, as the post-COVID world does not comply with tight schedules. 

Check Rental Car Availability First

It is wild to believe that not so long ago, a person could walk up to a rental car desk without a reservation and walk away five minutes later with a car. COVID has caused global shortages on many things, and vehicles are ranking high on the list. For those lucky enough to secure a rental car, they can anticipate a significantly higher price than previously experienced. If your family requires a vehicle on vacation, book at the same time as the flight to avoid tragedy. 

Scope Out the Destination Ahead of Time

This may sound obvious, but planning nowadays needs to expand past simply looking at the distance from the hotel to the beach. While important for everyone, this tip is especially applicable to cancer patients. Keeping an eye on the number of local COVID cases at the destination will ensure travelers don’t get interrupted by restrictions – or worse, illness. 

Nix Spontaneity 

While a hard pill to swallow for adventure-loving readers, spontaneous travel plans will likely end in disappointment for the foreseeable future. Restaurants, hotels, and attractions are more likely to be booked entirely, with travel rising again. Many unexpected locations now require reservations ahead of time, including Glacier National ParkYosemite National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park

Want to make a positive impact on cancer research while traveling?

Fly to Find a Cure is a signature fundraising program that allows frequent flyers, travel enthusiasts, and most importantly, those passionate about supporting cancer research to make a real impact while receiving airline miles in return. Visit the Fly to Find a Cure webpage to view NFCR’s airline partners and to make a donation.

Though it is exciting that travel is starting to resume as usual, it is crucial to consider that traveling can still be a risk to one’s health. Cancer patients are recommended to discuss their plans with their doctor prior to booking a trip.

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