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Fly to Find a Cure: Give Wings to Cancer Research

Melissa White

Fly to Find a Cure Director, Melissa White, meets with Donors at a NFCR Event

Travel enthusiasts, frequent flyers and cancer research supporters can make a difference with their airline miles by joining the National Foundation for Cancer Research’s signature fundraising program, Fly to Find a Cure. This unique program allows donors to support the fight against cancer with the added benefit of receiving airline miles in return.

“For frequent flyers, this is a popular program because they care about cancer research and they love the fact that they can get the miles they need to fly to their favorite destinations,” said Melissa White, Director of Fly to Find a Cure and Affinity Programs. “They feel like they’re making a difference in the process.”

Fly to Find a Cure includes the participation of American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and Alaskan Airlines. People are able to make a donation to cancer research and receive airline miles as an added bonus.

Donations from this program are dispersed across the many types of cancer research that NFCR supports, not just one. The diversity of cancer research topics is an asset to the program – donors can help develop therapies, treatments and screenings for a variety of cancers. White explained that researchers are learning the location of the cancer is less relevant than the molecular makeup of the cancer. Someone diagnosed with breast cancer could be relying on the same research as someone who has bladder cancer.

“Cancer is something that touches virtually everybody,” White says. NFCR works closely with their donors to understand why they care about cancer research, inform them of program benefits and keep participants informed of periodic incentives to donate.

“My job is rewarding. I lost my mother to ovarian cancer 14 years ago this Christmas,” White shared. “I like to be able to bring in donations that are vital to finding a cure to cancer.”

The program had one of its most successful years last year, and its future is bright. White hopes Fly to Find a Cure will eventually expand into hotel points and add more participating airlines. 

Donors who contribute now through December 31st can receive a bonus of up to 15 miles per dollar for a gift of $250 or more, plus a NFCR travel thermos. Follow Fly to Find a Cure for the latest promotions.

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