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Giving Tuesday: The Global Day of Giving

The holiday season has many people thinking about giving gifts and embracing the spirit of generosity. Most of the beautiful generosity is close to home, spoiling loved ones with presents and treats. Giving Tuesday was established in 2012 as a way to harness the generosity of the season and encourage others to selflessly benefit their communities and the world. Since its creation, Giving Tuesday has inspired hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

NFCR’s Challenge to YOU!

Scheduled for Tuesday, December 3rd, this worldwide initiative aims to build a more just and generous world. Over 150 countries participated last year and over $400M was raised online for participating organizations. The National Foundation for Cancer Research is proud to participate once again in Giving Tuesday, using generous donations to fuel research breakthroughs in all types of cancer. This year, the National Foundation for Cancer Research encourages all of its supporters, researchers, employees, and readers to participate in Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to get involved with other like-minded people across the world and promote the common good. As this day of generosity quickly follows the craze of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the National Foundation for Cancer Research is challenging everyone to consider donating 10% of their total spending on these two major holiday shopping days to cancer research initiatives.  

Other Ways to Give…

  1. If a monetary contribution is not possible this year, there are numerous other ways to participate in Giving Tuesday. Volunteering one’s time is a unique opportunity to connect with people within one’s community, develop new skills, and contribute to a greater cause. There are many organizations involved with Giving Tuesday that are seeking volunteers to lend a helping hand. The link can be used to filter organizations by type and location to find the best match for each interested individual. If there are no volunteer opportunities in a specific area, advocating for issues near and dear to one’s heart is another wonderful way to celebrate Giving Tuesday. One voice standing up for positive change can make a substantial difference.


  1. Many families celebrate the holiday season by giving gifts to each other. Giving gifts is great but finding room for new items can be a challenge. Make room for the new by getting rid of the old with donations on Giving Tuesday. Donating items from around the house to a participating charity can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Even something as simple as personal hygiene items are needed by many charities. Consider getting the entire neighborhood involved, the more the merrier!


  1. Offering a simple smile or a few words of encouragement are surefire ways to take part in Giving Tuesday. Sometimes it feels that there isn’t much to offer, but spreading kindness is just as important as making donations or volunteering time. On Giving Tuesday, and every day, spreading happiness and positivity is the quickest way to make someone’s day.


Whatever option feels right for your situation, the National Foundation for Cancer Research encourages everyone to participate in Giving Tuesday on December 3, 2019. Share a smile, get involved, or donate a percentage of the holiday shopping budget to a worthwhile cause. However people choose to celebrate, share the generosity on social media by using the hashtags #GivingTuesday, #UNselfie and #MyGivingStory. And don’t forget to tag NFCR!

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If you’d like to make a Giving Tuesday donation to the National Foundation for Cancer Research in support of life-saving Cancer Research, please visit our secure donation page. Alternatively, you can double your donation by making your gift on Facebook—Facebook will be matching all Giving Tuesday donations up to $20,000.