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7 Cancer-Fighting New Year’s Resolutions

In honor of 2017, we’ve put together seven cancer-fighting new year's resolutions. From screenings to sunscreen, these easy resolutions are worth keeping!...

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Two of Our Favorite Healthy Holiday Cookie Recipes

To help during this copious-cookie time, we’ve hand-picked two of our favorite recipes that offer a healthier take on your favorite holiday treats....

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Taste the Cancer-Fighting Power of Kale

Early research shows that a diet containing the powerful antioxidant vitamin K may reduce the overall risk of cancer. Try this nutritious, delicious cancer-fighting recipe that’s perfect this time of year....

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Taste the Cancer-Fighting Power of Curcumin

Some studies have shown curcumin may be helpful in treating or preventing certain cancers. Cook with the spice TUMERIC - it’s active ingredient is curcumin....

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Green Goddess: Healthy Anti-Cancer Smoothie Recipe

This green goddess smoothie adds a variety of superfoods to your day; you’ll get vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber and antioxidants in this delicious drink....

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