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Kidney Cancer

Kidney Cancer Detection Advances

About 73,820 new cases of kidney cancer are forecast to be diagnosed among Americans in 2019, and nearly 14,770 can be expected to die from the disease. Cancer of the kidneys, like any cancer, is most curable at an early stage. However, the majority of early-stage tumors do not present…...

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Simulations Could Extend Life for Kidney Cancer Patients

Surgery is one of the oldest treatments for cancer. Even as research and technology have progressed, surgery has remained an excellent choice of treatment. Kidney cancer, whose attention we are called to especially during the month of March, is often treated with a surgical process called a partial nephrectomy. A…...

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Kidney Cancer Intervention & Prevention

This month is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month, and March 8, is World Kidney Day. In this National Foundation for Cancer Research blog post, we will look at recent scientific advances in the battle against the most common form of the disease: Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC). In 2018, just under 64,000…...

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