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Independence from Cancer

Freedom is a proudly and deeply held American value. It encapsulates the essence of the country’s founding and demonstrates the strength associated with its pursuit. And, while it may have begun with freedom from the Church of England and colonial rule, its momentous force has undoubtedly seeped into all areas of American life. Americans strive for freedom of speech, freedom of thought and, even, freedom from disease.

But as long as cancer can take our lives hostage, we are at its mercy, and therefore not completely free. This is why the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) supports research for a CURE. Because liberty from the horrors of cancer would be a historic step towards personal freedom and independence.

On this day of celebration, it is important to both find pride in American accomplishment and inspiration for future development. It is a day to look within and beyond to identify with the optimism and potential which will symbolically be filling the evening’s sky. It is through this type of honest reflection and hopeful motivation that the country can become more resilient, powerful and free. And it is with this knowledge that NFCR suggests all of us in the cancer community too consider Independence Day as the honoring of intentional action towards greater freedom and independence, just as had the nation’s forefathers, but too health and wellness.

Celebration, undeniably, comes with an array of temptations.  As a result, it’s important to “come to the party” with a grounded sense of purpose and self-value. Community and family fun can be independent from over-indulgent behavior. It is possible to be disinhibited, socially, while also practicing self-care through intelligent eating and drinking. In fact, doing so can be a practice of FREE will. It can strengthen the brain against temptation, short-sightedness and the resulting dependence that often result. So, make sure to bring a water bottle, snack on fruit and veggies, wear sunscreen, schedule enough sleeping time and condition your physique so that you can enjoy the outdoor activities without getting injured.

Unite with NFCR in this battle for freedom from cancer by doing your part on the preventative side. Together, freedom from disease is within reach.

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